It’s time to dump her and move on

It's time to dump her and move on

Chicago Cubs faced San Diego Patres yesterday and pitcher Kyle Hendrix made his first batting appearance since September 24, 2019 against the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 2020, we will recall that the global designated hitter rule was implemented.

With two catches on his account, Hendrix hit a solid single on the right. What turned out to be simple became almost retractable. Outfielder Will Myers caught the ball and sent it very quickly to Jake Cronenworth. Hendrix was eventually declared safe, but a confrontation ensued between him and Cronenworth. However, more fear than harm.

Chicago Cups manager David Rose admitted to praying that his pitcher would wake up.

Immediately, I panicked a bit and thought to myself: “Please get up! “

David Rose

This situation leads me to ask you a question: It is wrong not to continue with the experience of MLP D.H. Global? By 2020, this rule was precisely implemented to reduce the number of injuries that occur during an epidemic and for beginners to focus on their core mission.

When Rose told his pitch ace that it would be okay if he was taken out, Hendrix replied that he had no way of getting out of the right field.

I will not return to the players’ shelter as I have strayed from the right field. I saw Trevor Cahill doing this and he never forgot it.

Kyle Hendrix

In 2020 only three pitchers scored

Although the Universal-appointed hitter rule was implemented last season, it has not stopped some managers from attacking pitchers. Three pitchers hit last year, including Alec Mills of the Cups.

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Mills, however, was ordered not to rush and not to be taken out on strikes.

He still thinks this is a good way to show off.

Like many, the only pitcher who took a scoring or hitting game last year at the National didn’t think fate was going to change this season. So he did not practice in winter batting. When he heard the news of the fate change, he was a little surprised, but still happy to be able to train as a top winner.

At the end of the day, I get paid to throw. I think beating is just a bonus. But that doesn’t mean I won’t work on it and try to improve myself. We are in alignment and we can help.

Alec Mills

Do you think this is the last year you will see pitchers in the batting box? Situations like Hendrix don’t happen often, but if this rule can prevent our pitcher from getting hurt, I’m for it. Not to mention that it’s more exciting to see Nelson Cruz in the battle than Kyle Hendrix.

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