Chinese embassy in Tokyo “Some politicians in the US ignore science” Uyghur Release Tweet: J-Cast News[முழு உரை பார்வை]

Chinese embassy in Tokyo "Some politicians in the US ignore science" Uyghur Release Tweet: J-Cast News[முழு உரை பார்வை]

The Chinese embassy in Tokyo is also sending tweets in harsh words as the Chinese government uses Twitter to create a diplomatic war. This is a reaction to the problem of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, which the Chinese side is particularly nervous about.

The embassy introduces account writing, which only posts tweets in line with the Chinese claim, and with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in mind, “Some politicians in the United States have a habit of somehow ignoring science. There it is.”

  • Chinese Embassy in Tokyo tweets seem to bear in mind former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

    Chinese Embassy in Tokyo tweets seem to bear in mind former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

  • Chinese Embassy in Tokyo tweets seem to bear in mind former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

The director of the magazine, Mr. Pompeo said, “There are countless lies.”

Pompeo was convicted in January 2021 of genocide and crimes against humanity by the Chinese government on charges of persecuting ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Chinese Foreign Ministry Director Hua Suning told a news conference

“There are countless lies that Pompeo has accumulated over the last few years. This case is one of those myths.”


Most of the tweets from the Chinese embassy in Tokyo were based on the latest situation in Beijing, state media articles and Mr. Re-tweeting Hua Chuning’s English tweets. However, the tweet on March 16 was a little different.

Citing the text of the anonymous account, “Agree!” With happy and crying emoji

Embassy account quoting an anonymous account post, “Agree!” Wrote that with happy and crying emoji. This anonymous account has only 187 followers (as of the evening of March 17), the profile says, “I understand Japanese, so I want to reach more Japanese people with Xinjiang’s voice.”) There is a video in the quoted tweet in which a woman like Uyghur is in standard Chinese (Mandarin).

“Recently, I’m very angry when I hear Pompeo’s disgusting lies. What he says did not happen in Xinjiang.”
“Pompeo says the Uyghurs in Xinjiang are undergoing forced contraception (surgery), but I’m telling you the truth. Recently, my cousin gave birth to a baby. If the claim is true, are we born of stone?”

There are also English verses in the comments.For video tweets

“Are Uyghurs forced to sterilize? Isn’t this weird? If so, are we born of stone ?!”

A description in Japanese is also attached.

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“Yes!” To the video. The embassy account follows the tweet.

“Some American politicians have a habit of ignoring science anyway.”

I also wrote. Mr. Pompeo seems to have that in mind.

On March 16, when this tweet was sent, the Japanese-US Ministerial Consultation on Foreign Affairs and Security (2 Plus 2) was held in Tokyo, and the joint document expressed “serious concern” over naming China. Criticisms of the United States have been strengthened with this time in mind.

Ripples with “shame on you” tweets

The Russian embassy in Tokyo was known for “serious tweets”. In 2018, tweeting that the public is “ashamed” spread ripples. Even now, strong-toned tweets are still alive. Resistance

“No matter what platform the Ukrainian government discusses with other countries the ‘phantom joint pain’ in the lost legs, the results adopted in the 2014 referendum will not change the Crimean residents.”

And many more with the Russian flag emoji

“In the seven years since Crimea was restructured in Russia, we have seen many improvements on the peninsula.”

He emphasized the legitimacy of the relocation.

(Hiroshi Kudo, J-Cast News Editor)

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