Plan to store DNA of 67 lakh species, including human sperm, on the moon, because … Scientists plan to store DNA of 67 lakh species of human sperm on the moon

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According to an American scientist, DNA wants to store 6.7 million types of DNA from all over the world. These include male sperm, female sperm, plant seeds, and fungi. All of these can be cryogenically frozen. To keep it, the scientist proposed to create a lunar arch like Noah’s ark and place it in it.

Jacqueline Tanga, a scientist at the University of Arizona, said the world would have a modern insurance policy if the DNA of all life on Earth were stored on the moon. For this, you have to build your lunar arch, Jagan said.

According to Jagan, the lunar arc will be a genetic bank in a sense. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. It was placed in lunar caves made of cold volcano. These caves are 300 crore years old. The lunar arc is powered by solar panels.

Jagan Tanga said about 250 rockets would be sent from Earth to the moon for this work. Many scientists around the world agree with Jacqueline. Scientists hope the project will save lives, plants and humans from natural disasters. This will keep their genes safe.

“There is a deep connection between us and nature,” Jagan said. Jagan is the head of the Laboratory of Space and Terrain Robotics at the University of Arizona. “We can make that kind of effort to save our biodiversity,” Jagan said. Failure to do so will result in the extinction of many species due to natural disasters.

If such a lunar curve were built on the moon, it would protect the Earth’s biodiversity. DNA or genes are safe despite problems such as volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, climate change, solar storms or droughts.

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Web Title: Scientists to store DNA of 67 million species of human sperm on the moon

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