Smartphones have been destroyed … London booths are starting a new experience

Smartphones have been destroyed ... London booths are starting a new experience

According to the British “Sky News”, this Phone booths They may have a new life opportunity to save from neglect, by turning them into very small museums or by displaying works of art.

British telecommunications company “BT” points out that 4,000 people were paid in these phishing scams. Companies And bodies, as long as technology surpasses them, in order to benefit from the other way around.

The community also noted that the community could benefit by turning these scams into small libraries or shelves with a little touch.

Since 2008, more than 660 telephone booths have been relocated to a new system, and organizations and organizations have received one booth. One pound sterling There is only one telecommunications company under the “Adoption Kiosk” scheme.

“People no longer use these kiosks. In the presence of mobile phones, they are greatly affected,” says PTI official James Brown.

He explained that the company takes into account the needs of the future, so people thought to do something in these stalls that were abandoned.

Thousands of telephone booths have been converted to perform other functions, he pointed out, adding that it is the creativity of the people.

There are also those who recommend the development of so-called defibrillation devices, a medical device used to treat dangerous heart rhythm disorders.

These alternatives were conceived rather than permanently removed from the street because they form part of the heritage of London and Britain, even though the advancement of communications has made them practically useless.

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