Four affordable housing units | Press

Four affordable housing units |  Press

Habitat for Humanity Quebec launched International Women’s Construction Week with Lowe’s Canada on March 8, an international initiative led by Habitat for Humanity with the support of Lowe’s organizations.


Launched on International Women’s Day from March 8 to 15, the event highlighted the strong need for safe and affordable housing for women around the world. This year, Lowe’s Institutions and Humanitarian Habitats in the U.S., Canadian and Indian divisions are accelerating their efforts by supporting more than 300 projects for the benefit of women – led families around the world, helping women build or improve their homes. Suitable and affordable homes where they can thrive.

“The Habitat for Humanity is grateful to the Quebec Group’s support for our cause in the past and for its continued assistance in enabling women – led households to enrich their lives. By providing safe and affordable housing to their communities,” said Board of Directors and Secretary Claire Bowlinger. We know that the current epidemic continues to have negative financial and social consequences on many women, making it difficult for them to maintain their current living conditions. With the need for affordable housing in many urban areas and beyond, Quebec’s commitment to Low Canada’s Habitat will further help Quebec women-led families meet their housing needs and break the poverty cycle. ”

As part of Week 2021, Lowe’s Canada has upgraded its consortium to support four additional local habitats in Canada as many parts of the country feel the impact of the epidemic due to the need for affordable housing. Globally, Lowe’s companies are increasing their contribution to nearly 7 2.7 million to support more and more housing projects to help women and their families around the world.

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Jean-Sebastian Lamarooks, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Property Protection and Sustainability at Lowe’s Canada, explains that “in Lowe’s Canada, supporting communities that treat our stores, partners and customers is part of our DNA.” “Although many of the things that seemed stable by the end of the year are now undervalued, we are pleased to see that our continued partnership with Habitat has provided a solid foundation for building female-led homes.” ”

Lowin Canada and its Lowes, Rona and Renault-Depot brands have been affiliated with Habitat subsidiaries since 2009. Thanks to Lowe’s Canada Heroes Campaign, International Women’s Week and donations aimed at cash or products, Lowe’s Canada has raised more than $ 3.9 million to support non – profit homeownership efforts from beach to beach, but also to help homeowners improve their homes. Living conditions.

The Quebec Charity has been operating in Quebec since 1999, allowing 36 families (171 including 108 children) to own property in Montreal, the eastern townships, Pass-Laurentides, and Montreux. . Quebec, affiliated with the international organization Habitat for Humanity, has set a mission to break the cycle of poverty by encouraging volunteers, partners and communities to build affordable housing and access access to housing rights. Habitat for Humanity helps to provide the stability needed to improve the health of members by selling these homes to low-income families and fixing a mortgage without interest on two-thirds of the house fee. Family, children’s education, as well as their quality of life.

Lowes Company, Inc. Is a Fortune 50 home improvement company. It serves approximately 20 million customers per week in the United States and Canada. With sales of nearly $ 90 billion in fiscal year 2020, Lowe & its subsidiaries operate or service more than 2,200 hardware and home improvement stores and employ approximately 300,000 partners. At Pacherserville in Quebec, Lowe’s Company of Canada, in association with its full owner Rona Inc., operates 470 and owns independent affiliate stores in a number of complementary forms and Lowes, Rona, Renault-Depot and Dickin Lumber. In Canada, these companies have more than 26,000 employees, in addition to 5,000 employees serving independent affiliates who run their businesses under the Rona brand.

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