Argentina with Matera, Kramer and Imhoff to challenge Australia

L'Argentine avec Matera, Kremer et Imhoff pour défier l'Australie

Last weekend, the rugby world was able to see the first beautiful pictures since the onset of this global epidemic. The rugby world hailed the Puma’s victory over the All Blacks, for the first time in their history. The competition is already over and we have to focus on another strong opponent: TheAustralia. The latter also defeated All Blocks a week ago. The winner of this weekend will take first place in the rugby championship, and if Argentina wins they will have a serious advantage in the tournament with two games to two wins.

The Poomas staff have decided to update the same players for this second rugby championship. Captain Brave Matera will still have to lead his men. But after a serious game against the Blacks it will be tough.

Starting XV: Tetas Sapporo, Montoya, Gomez Codella, Betty, Alemanno, Modera (cap.), Bruni, Kramer, Cubelli, Sanchez, Imhoff, Chocobares, Orlando, Telco, Carras.

Alternatives: Socino, Vivas, Metrono, Crondona, Isa, Bertano, Bofelli, Cortaro.


On the Australian side, this is the same strategy: we rank the winners of the blacks. However, 3 minor changes should be noted: Scott Cio And Daniela Tubu Return to the front row Net Honeygan Instead of Swindon, he was suspended after being sent off against the Blacks.

Start XV: Seo, Bango-Amosa, Dubu, Simmons, Philip, Honeygan, Wilson, Hooper (cap.), White, Hodge, Corybet, Paisami, Pettah, Wright, Banks.

Alternatives: Finga, Bell, Aladdova, Valettini, Wright, Garden, Lolesio, Dug Gunu.

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