The final study of the TSE confirms a competent majority of the ruling party

The final study of the TSE confirms a competent majority of the ruling party

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the 100% minute process. The DSE chairman said the results of the preliminary study had been re-confirmed.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (DSE) ensured that 100% of the minutes were processed and that the information released in the initial referendum was confirmed, where the new ideas established themselves as the country with the highest number of votes in the party elections, with a qualified majority in the 2021-2024 Salvador Congress for the next legislature.

“As the trend co-ordinated, it became the party with the most votes, the largest delegates and the trends did not change. The preliminary study was almost co-ordinated,” said TSE President Dora Esmeralda Martinez.

DSE’s magistrate, Guillermo Wellman, assured them that they were already in the process of preparing the minutes of the final examination and would not call a press conference after Tuesday next week to publicize their integration.

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Yesterday, three tables working in the morning were missing from the Departments of La Union, San Salvador and Sunsonate, with which the studies were closed and they entered the system, court judges said.

“The law establishes that we are going to carry out a national channel, with four votes, that is, until next week, to create the minutes that must be done by a qualified majority to complete the study. It may be Monday,” he said. Martinez.

DSE to determine a date for the release of the minutes of the final study results. He pointed out that no action should be taken because the election data should be carefully reviewed and then published and notified to political parties that “if any political entity does not agree with the final vote, the mechanisms of the challenge are implemented as established by the Electoral Code”.

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Regarding the use of technical equipment in the upcoming elections, the magistrate pointed out that there were shortcomings in every election process which were resolved in this election process and there are lessons learned in the February 28 elections.

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“Every election process has its drawbacks. We are not going to say we have no incidents, you know how the technical system was questioned and the failures we had were generally accepted, but they were resolved by proof of security codes, proof of attack. In the event of an election on February 28, we We are working with technicians at the Spanish (National) Cryptological Center so that we do not have cyber attacks, ”he explained.

International observers who were vigilant in the electoral process there pointed out that the DS has made profound advances in the implementation of technology and that it is recognized at the Latin American level in electoral matters, and the importance of modernizing the electoral process.

“There are many challenges. The organization needs a maturity in the next elections of 2024, there is a lot of work to be done, votes are coming from abroad, and an organization must be formed where there are no delays, and the dream of the Salvadoran comrades in various countries has been fulfilled and they can vote, ”said Martinez.

DSE Magistrate, Noel Orellana, confirmed that they have been working on this and the order of the final review since yesterday, “I believe that as a supreme election tribunal we are going to precisely provide a joint position to share with the media (results)”, he pointed out.

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He said they had done a quick analysis of the results of the final review and the development of the electoral process, adding, “Then we are going to do a review to strengthen what worked and improve what did not work as we expected”, Express.

He said there were departments that had observed that electioneering and technology implementation had worked in any process, but there would be other voices pointing to the opposite.

“As a company we are going to take into account all that needs to be done, well, to strengthen future electoral processes,” the official said.

Judges have read about the development of the electoral process and reports published by international organizations and preliminary and final studies in favor of the DSE because they recognize the transparency and mission of the organization.

“Very humbly, perhaps we are going to take them as the supreme election tribunal, but it is with great pleasure and pleasure that institutions like the Spanish (National) Cryptological Institute, OAS, recognize this work and transparency.

Orellana explained that the Office of the Attorney for the Defense of Human Rights also recognized the transparency of the DSE’s electoral process.

Criticisms have arisen over the court’s time to release the results, but acknowledges that there was hard work on the table to complete the count quickly, “for the first time in the last six elections’ one hundred percent of the minutes were scrutinized, that is, the will of all those in Salvador who came out to vote was calculated and respected.”

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