A pink albino turtle is found off the coast of Queensland

A pink albino turtle is found off the coast of Queensland

A rare albino turtle hatched on an islandAustralia Located in the Great Barrier Reef region. This week the baby sea turtle was spotted heading out to sea on the island of Lady Elliott from Puntaberg in northeastern Queensland.

Credit: Jodi Carlton / Instagram


Baby green sea turtles usually have a dark gray shell, green skin and a white or pale yellow under shell, which allows them to hide themselves and go undetected by predators. According to scientists who have been asked about this subject, this small albino turtle has a very low chance of surviving in the wild. For good reason, with its pink-white skin and shell and red eyes, it is particularly visible to other animals.

Only one Turtle At 100,000 hutch with albinism, a disorder of melanin deficiency or complete absence. It is a generic term that refers to many dark biological pigments that are responsible not only for the coloring of interactions, especially in the animal kingdom, but also for the color of skin, hair, and eyes in humans. As its concentration in the superficial layers of the skin is high, the skin appears darker, so organisms living with albinism are much milder.

Credit: Jessica Buckman / Instagram

A very rare albino tortoise found on the island of Lady Elliot in Australia

Following this discovery, several researchers from the Ecological Center shared the birth of the turtle via Instagram. Albinos He explained that the physical appearance of the sea creature would have adverse effects on its potential survival. Already, under normal circumstances, when baby turtles are born with a normal color, they are allowed to mix seamlessly in the background, with estimates of survival from hatching to adulthood being one in 1,000, but in the absence of melanin, they are even lower. Melanin plays an important role in the development of the optic nerves, i.e. the turtle’s vision is impaired.

“It’s hard for them to get out of the nest. If they do, they do not fit in well with the environment. We can see them very easily, and I hope the hunters have the same benefit. Albino turtle spotted on Sunshine Beach 2016 Jim Buck, the island’s environmental management head, told the ABC.

Credit: Jessica Buckman / Instagram

Isn’t that wonderful?

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