Researchers find a very rare albino tortoise

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One in 100,000 turtles is not an albino (description).

One in 100,000 turtles is born albinos (example).

U.S.Not an exceptional appearance, but undeniably disabled when escaping from predators. In Australia, A small albino green tortoise spotted by a team of researchers on Lady Elliott Island in the northeast of the country on Monday, March 8, explaining that its purpose is to monitor the ecosystem of its region Defender.

In the photos released by the scientists, we can observe the reptile having red eyes and white and pink color on the body and corpus. According to Jim Buck, one of the researchers behind the discovery, this phenomenon is particularly rare. The latter, who has been involved in monitoring reef turtles for more than thirty years, says one in 100,000 cubs is born in albinos. The expert never saw himself.

“Greatly reduced chance of survival”

The team found a second animal with albinism, but its eggs did not hatch. “It’s hard to say if there were more because we weren’t there when the kids appeared,” Buck continued. According to him, genetic anomalies can shorten the lifespan of particularly affected specimens.

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