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Luxurious spacious open space and pure family entertainment? Go on an extraordinary journey into the company of Dr. Tolittle, played by Robert Downey Jr., on the wonderful comedy broadcast available from the SFR box on the Altis Studio Channel starting this Wednesday, March 10th.

Dr. Talital’s Journey, So it allows you to meet two names that are well known in pop culture, and even one to combine: Robert Downey Jr. and Dr. Tolytil.

Two names that will inevitably mean something to you. Actor, first. After being observed in the series Allie McPeelRobert Downey Jr. became a world star, often starring as Sherlock Holmes in Tony Stark / Iron Man or Guy Richie movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The glamorous American actor is in his own way, two cult characters portrayed between kapam and insane punchlines. Suffice it to say that he should not have felt more pressure than that when he volunteered to reconsider Dr. Tolital’s character. Because, if the name gives you any meaning, the character already owns several films about him, especially in the late 1990s, with Eddie Murphy …

Before being a character in films, Dr. Tolit was, above all, the hero of books written by Hugh Lofting in the early 20th century. The idea of ​​creating this doctor capable of talking to animals during the First World War would be for the English writer, in which he participated in British troops, while he wanted to talk about the courage of military animals in letters he wrote to his children. , Rather than telling them about the atrocities of war. Any can understand. His fantastic books became classics throughout the channel, and the general public came to see Dr. Dolital in the 1967 movies, starring in the title role with Rex Harrison. Most recently, it was Eddie Murphy (who has returned to his other cult roles A prince in New York 2, Exclusively on Amazon Prime Video) Who can play Dr. Tolit. In 1998, Johnny’s comedy, a far cry from the basic novels, was a good commercial success, with 4 sequels (Dr. Tolitil2 With Eddie Murphy in 2001, and later 3 films with Kayla Broad as Dr. Dolital’s daughter). In 2020, he returned to cinema in the guise of Robert Downey Jr. for an incredible journey into Dr. Tolyt.

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And Marion Cotillard in The Voyage of Dr. Tolit

This strange character seems to have been designed for Robert Downey Jr., who enjoys talking to animals and multiplying jokes in humorous situations, as comedy and adventure moments follow each other frantically, and Dr. Dolyt begins a mission to find a solution to save the queen. Somewhere in between Caribbean island pirates And series His dark stuff, Dr. Talital’s Journey Pure family entertainment, no headaches, well-felt actors. Antonio Banderas plays King Rousseau, while you should be familiar with Tutu Vixen’s voice: this is the story of Marion Cotillard, who dubbed the character in the original and in French. Tom Holland, Emma Thompson, Octavia Spencer, Ralph Fiennes or Rami Malek – that is – the voice actors of animals that can tell you something because they gave voice to this film.

Good time to spend at Altis Studios beautiful men, this first broadcast airs on Wednesday 10th March at 8:50 pm. In the channel available from the SFR box. If you can not watch it tonight due to PSG’s Champions League match on RMC Sport, do not panic, not only the comeback, the film is also available on the reboot from the SFR box.

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