Giancarlo Stanton: “I’m a better winner than 2017”

Giancarlo Stanton: "I'm a better winner than 2017"

In 2017, Giancarlo Stondon broke everything in his path. In his final year in the New York Yankees uniform, Stanton did not fall short of 59 long balls, and he easily won the title of Nationals MVP.

We will remember that he was untouchable at that time. He attacked with great confidence, and he was more frightened than ever.

In New York, we didn’t exactly see him. Is it hard for him to pick up his pace because he is not always healthy? Maybe, yes.

Let us remember that in this case he is activating his flexibility to stay healthy.

At the start of camp, he had a slow start… but that didn’t bother him.

Why? Because he believes he is a better hitter than ever. According to him, he is a better winner than the 2017 winner of MVP.

In his view, the results are not yet, but it is: he is better than he was.

What are the reasons he thinks so?

In his own words, he feels he has a great attitude and the way he presents himself (In position) Very efficient. According to him, when the changes are fully made, we will see the difference.

In health, it becomes clear that the main partner is a machine. For example, look at last night’s slap. Boom.

In the playoffs (2020), he is a power prankster. His six long balls in seven games are the most recent in the playing environment. She was healthy and gave birth as before.

Can he practically start the 2021 season? Reduce the number of withdrawals in three withdrawals? Reply in a month.

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