American League Western Division: Analysis and Predictions

American League Western Division: Analysis and Predictions

The Western Division of the American League may be interesting to follow as the gap between the first two teams and the other teams is narrowing. In fact, the Oakland A and Houston Astros have lost feathers, which does not mean they will not fight for the division leader.

It could turn into a two man race, but Los Angeles should not be sidelined too quickly. Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers, which will be a long season.

Here is a brief analysis of the Western national teams, followed by the predictions of our correspondents.


The Angels have enough offense to compete, but as in the last hundred seasons (which I have exaggerated), their main problem remains the mat. The defect was added during the season, along with Jose Quintana, Alex Cobb and Rissell Iglesias. But will this be enough?


The opening cycle, despite the absence of Justin Verlander, may come as a surprise, and the relief blockade will be a major concern for the Texan team in 2021. The loss of star publisher George Springer will leave a huge void in the outfield, a hole Miles Straw cannot fill.


Last year, Auckland won the division with a Matt Olsen who was without the services of Matt Chapman for half the season and lost all his skills. The arrival of Elvis Andres is not so low, but everything goes uphill, and at this level, the departure of Liam Hendricks will haunt the Californians.

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The future in Seattle is happy with Giord Kelenick, Julio Rodriguez and especially Kyle Lewis. But until then, the Mariners will need some help, the day before they will win the division’s corps, with defects in speaking outside, behind the deck and in the relief enclosure.


You have holes, here are some. Whether in the infield, in the opening cycle or in relief, the Rangers are very shallow in depth. Texas also has a left-handed hitter surplus, which is an avenue that should be valued during the trading period because many teams are looking for this type of hitter.

Looking at the predictions, one can understand that there is a risk of two teams fighting. However, according to some of our writers, the Angels could play spoofsport by finishing second. As for the bottom, it appears that the Mariners and Rangers will end up in two levels below.

Until next time for the Central Division of the National League!

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