Microsoft Edge Legacy | Officially discontinues support for Idom

Microsoft Edge Legacy |  Officially discontinues support for Idom

Microsoft officially shut down on March 9thIn support of the Microsoft Edge legacy, delegates will no longer provide security updates for the product in the future. Meanwhile, Microsoft has begun to pop up a reminder about Microsoft Edge legacy, asking users to download the latest version of Microsoft Edge In addition, Microsoft has announced that Microsoft’s Edge legacy will be unveiled on April 10 this year. Forcing the switch.

Microsoft Edge originally used the EdgeHML browser engine built into Microsoft. However, Microsoft returned in December 2018 to accept the Chromium project developed by Google. Microsoft Edge is now based on Chromium and is also known as Microsoft Edge Legacy, which uses EdgeHML.

Discontinuing support for the Microsoft Edge legacy Microsoft Patch Tuesday (3/9) will be the last security update for the Microsoft Edge legacy, and this week the Microsoft-affixed CVE-2021-26411 vulnerability will remain. Includes IE 11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy and is exploited by hackers, users who continue to use IE 11 and Microsoft Edge Legacy should remember to fix it.

Henceforth, a notification message in the Microsoft Edge Legacy window reminds users that this version will no longer receive security updates and invites users to download the latest version of the Microsoft Edge.

Users of Microsoft Edge legacy can choose to ignore the message again, or close it using the “Suppress view display of Edge deletion notification” added to the group policy. However, the news is only a temporary solution, as Microsoft will directly remove the Microsoft Edge legacy by patch on Tuesday, April 13th and replace it with the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge.

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Assuming that the user has already installed the new version of Microsoft Edge, Microsoft will not reinstall the Microsoft Edge when the April 13 security update is used, but will remove the Microsoft Edge legacy from the system.

So far, the Chromium version of the Microsoft Edge has been well received by the outside world. Users do not have to fight much. Microsoft has not announced how many users will still rely on the Microsoft Edge legacy. In addition, Microsoft will continue to support the machine, as there are many programs that still rely on EdgeHML.

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