Unusual: The flying boat on the English Channel is plotting Internet users

Unusual: The flying boat on the English Channel is plotting Internet users

A ship above the water. David Morris, a 52-year-old property developer, took this incredible photo while walking on English Channel Beach in southwest England. The photo, which was posted on his Facebook account, went viral on social media last weekend. No, this is not a photo gallery, but a fact that is visible to our eyes.

A distorted reality, of course, is that, contrary to appearance, the boat actually floats in the sea. This is a “high channel water” that can be explained by the temperature inversion phenomenon.

Normally, cold air stands above hot air (which is cooler at altitude). On this sunny morning, the event turned upside down: cold air was seen trapped in the ocean, warm air above. As a result of looking at an object located below the horizon, special atmospheric conditions that bend light … otherwise “float” like this particular thing. These optical effects are very rare in our latitudes, but occur more frequently in the Arctic. In this region of the north of the world, temperature differences between sea and air often cause a change in air density. And a magical scene.

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