MLP at a glance: Tony Fernandez’s house demolished | Nate Pearson on the field today

MLP at a glance: Tony Fernandez's house demolished |  Nate Pearson on the field today

Tony Fernandez’s house was broken into

The two entered his home and left with his World Series and Star Match rings.

Hunter Green and his options for the season

His primary goal is to break the Cincinnati Reds lineup.

Joel Pimps in Toronto (again)

Blue Zeus captured him again today. How long will he be with the team?

Nate Pearson on the field today

Charlie Montoya has said he has been doing light training since being injured this week.

Kevin Kiermeyer returns to play on Tuesday

His hip pain is now a thing of the past.

Orioles is interested in Michael Franco

However, they are not alone.

Brock Holt could be a great researcher

The utility player is currently playing for the Texas Rangers.

Jared Kelenick suffers from pain in his left knee

However, he could return to the field “very soon”.

Daniel Birru

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