Matthew Pallut makes his debut at the age of 16 and begins to conquer the world

Matthieu Pallud mogy

The year he graduated from high school, Matthew Pallud launched his Mogi project, a babysitting site designed to help French families living in London. For 18 months, the small business has been enriched by other services and this model has been exported to build communities around French high schools abroad.

In London, meetings never surprise us. The day after the announcement of the presentation of the gifted French Overseas Cups presented to our expatriate fellow citizens who have distinguished themselves in various fields, we were able to interview Matthew Pallot, a former high school student who was awarded the trophy by the World, presented by AEFE.

Where are you from Matthew?

Originally from Grenoble, I came to London in September 2015 because I was spotted by a fencing club in the British capital. I had the opportunity to join the French Bilingual College (CFPL) in London to do my fourth and third jobs. It was an amazing experience where I grew up and learned a lot. I entered second grade at Lycee International de Londres Winston Churchill, where I spent three wonderful years preparing for my science bachelor’s degree. These have been very fruitful years for me to develop my knowledge of digital technology and technology.

Learning to master new technologies opened up new frontiers for me

Are you talking about working on a digital tablet?

Yes, but it’s not just an interesting tool, it’s how we use it. I had never been “connected” to IT before, but learning to master new technologies opened up new frontiers for me. We learned how to present presentations, edit videos, create websites, use Google Form, Google Sheet and Google Drive tools and much more. Without my time at Lycee International de Landres Winston Church, I would not have developed an appetite for digital technology, and Mogi certainly would not be. I used these skills to start my business and I use it every day. I will add that everyone who helped me start this project was part of my final year class. I can’t thank Marco, Leo, Tomas, Mila, Marcox, Louise, Alexandrine, Umbrine, Alice and Evan for their invaluable help.

Matthew Pallut Mogi
Matthew was surrounded by his team

It’s more than friendship, we can talk about brotherhood

Your smile says a lot about this “friendship”

That’s right, Churchill has this special spirit, where we all pull at each other, all spontaneously. It’s more than friendship, we can talk about brotherhood. We try to be successful, but do not want to progress beyond others. It is good to understand yourself, but it is even better to understand others, so real equation and real sharing.

Are you at the University of London today?

Since the beginning of the September 2020 academic year, I have been at Imperial College of Biomedical Engineering. My experience abroad continues to enrich me in France and Europe, with my Club Levellois Sporting Club or all the fencing matches I do with my club Leon Paul London in the UK. I have discovered beautiful human values.

Is fencing another school of life?

It develops a lot of skills, self-control, concentration, tactics, accuracy. But practicing this game at a high level also led me to embrace and organize. Especially due to the competitions organized every weekend, I have a duty to find time for my 10 hours of weekly training and leisure and study. My high school released me on Thursday so I could go on a train and allow myself to pursue distance courses due to an iPod placed in the classroom.

We provide approximately 400 hours of babysitting in London each month

Tell us about Mogi: What is it?

Mogi Primary is a talented and easy-to-use babysitting site designed to bring together French families and students in London. In the month since its inception, we have been able to assign 80 babysitters to our platform

The first babysitters were basically all students of Lycee International de Landres Winston Churchill. We now have over 200 enrolled in the platform, including the French Lycee Charles de Cole, major universities in London (UCL, King’s College, Imperial College) and other major schools (ESCB Europe, Tobin). Came. All were between 16 and 27 years old. We provide approximately 400 hours of babysitting in London each month.

During the first imprisonment, we developed our desire to set up in different countries, and we always started with the same vision. This allows any foreigner in the world to create Mogi in their city.

matthieu pallud mogy

Mogi was made up of a group of six

Did you go too far beyond simple babysitting too?

In September 2020, we created to meet the growing demand for private subjects It provides profiles of students from the best London universities, which can help French students. This is the result of a health crisis.

This help in the “after school” format, in response to parental request, makes it difficult to ensure that homeschooling and homework are followed through their telecommunications process. Now Mogi is made up of a team of six. Mila, Marcox, Tomas, Haditza and Louise are all university students and have very specific assignments.

In total, we have developed three major programs (Mogi Babysitting, Mogi By You and Mogi Study) and recently we launched “The Hub” to offer online courses in a variety of fields. These include yoga, sports, music and music awareness classes for the little ones who know how to spread the students’ interest and their love for the discipline of the heart.

I am proud to be featured in this way

Winner of the French Lycees de Monte Alumni Trophy presented by AEFE You: What is your feeling?

This trophy symbolizes a lot of pride, a great joy, a great reward and recognition for all work. As for the record, it was my mom who told me about this contest, I submitted my application, 15 minutes before Kong, and I hope to stop sending files.

This trophy is really unexpected and a big surprise to me because I saw the best profile of other candidates and I did not think I would win. I am proud to be honored in this way and to be invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris in a few months to receive my award.

Our goal is to help French families abroad

It draws a good deal of attention to your initiative …

This trophy will give us international visibility. A real plus for allowing us to collaborate quickly with other French high schools around the world. We are ready to help them unite their communities. We bring parents and students closer, and teachers use our site to care for their children. This is a whole. There is a real relationship of trust.

I emphasize this strong symbol in creating a plan around every French institution abroad. Our goal is to really help French foreign families. Our desire is to help foster French culture around the world, because communicating in French is our DNA. Thanks to the team who worked with me on an amazing project.

What do your parents think about this?

They are proud of me. With my studies, my intense training in fencing and the beginning of the beginning, they became very concerned about the Bach year. I could understand them, but in the end I did very well. This is only the beginning of a great adventure.

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