The Swiss called for elections

The Swiss called for elections

Following an anti-Nicobar effort by the Eckeringan group, which is close to the center’s Democratic Union (UTC), Switzerland will go to the polls on Sunday to “ban face-covering” in public places such as restaurants, football fields, nature or the street.

In the eyes of opponents, the bill is aptly affected because “women who cover their faces are rare in Switzerland” and “a national ban is high and not necessary”. According to them, it is the cantons that make such a decision, not the Federal Council. Moreover, they say the ban on wearing the niqab “does not help the women involved”. Hidden in this effort, women can no longer participate in public life. ” They also note the Islamist nature of the measure.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proposing a feminist discourse, they emphasize that “women around the world are fighting against the obligation to cover their faces” and that “prohibition is not a dress code, but contributes to equality.”

Amnesty International is also looking into the matter. This discussion “is a tool in a popular effort” and it is “used in the name of human rights, to stigmatize groups of people and religious communities or to incite racist and Islamist discourse …”, the organization condemns human rights protection. Human rights.

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