Australian teenager stabbed to death by jellyfish

Australian teenager stabbed to death by jellyfish

This has not happened for fifteen years. Local health officials say an Australian teenager has been stabbed to death by highly poisonous jellyfish. They went down to the ground this Thursday to tell in more detail the tragedy that occurred on February 22, and had kept it to their liking until then.

A 17-year-old man was stabbed on February 22 while swimming in Bamaga, a small town north of Queensland, health officials say. He was airlifted to a hospital where he died on March 1, police said.

A jellyfish nicknamed the “hand of death”

The Australian box jellyfish or Chironox flexi is the most venomous jellyfish known to date, also nicknamed the “sea wasp” or “hand of death”.

It lives mainly in the tropical waters north of the vast island-continent, where in the summer, swimmers are advised to wear full-body swimwear or to avoid swimming.

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According to marine biologist Lisa-Ann Gershw, this is the first box jellyfish death recorded from Australia since 2006. The biologist assures that such a catastrophic outcome is inevitable, but those far away from a city hospital are particularly vulnerable.

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