The Disco 6 is making its debut in the US sooner than you think

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The new Game + Expo event featured announcements and revelations attended by NIS USA. Discoya 6: The company is ready to launch Defiance of Destiny in the West. Tactical RPG debuted in Japan, but eventually has a date for the US.

During the presentation, a new trailer was released this year confirming that the new installment will come on the Nintendo Switch. In contrast, a reward is revealed to the players who receive it on the opening day of the title.

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Discoya 6: The Defense of Destiny will arrive in the US and Europe on June 29, according to Nippon Ichi software. It is important to note that the game will be released in our region for the Nintendo Switch.

Although the game came to Japan for the PlayStation 4, this version has not been confirmed for the West. The company has unveiled a trailer to showcase the bonus content that Tactical RPG buyers receive when they premiere.

The company will play the roles of Asaki, Adele, Rosalyn and Girl Laharl. The title includes a standard version and a collector’s pack, which includes a copy of the game, an art book and its soundtrack.

In addition, the limited edition includes a set of pins, a cloth poster, a steel book and a special box. This version is available at the NIS USA Online Store. Available for 99.99. Below is the new trailer and a photo from the special edition.

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Disco6: Defines of Destiny launches Nintendo Switch on June 29th. See additional news related to RPG ownership at this link.

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