Jaron Duron stands alone in the Red Sox camp

Jaron Duron stands alone in the Red Sox camp

Joran Duran may not be the most popular prospect across the Majors, but the Red Sox offfielder has started to attract attention in recent months.

Seventh round selection by the Red Sox in 2018, Duron, like many other prospects, was hampered in his growth by a minor league break in 2020. Nevertheless, he took advantage of the winter to play in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. He is in this last place Caught fire, As my colleague Charles-Alexis Prespois reported to you almost a month ago.

He was later selected as the most valuable player Caribbean Series At the spring camp someone started to see him as a young man with the ability to change cards.

It seems he took the opportunity to make people talk about him at this last moment.

It would be harder than he expected to carve a space Show, Now has some options outside of Boston. Alex Verdugo and Hunter Renfro both seem to have secure positions, while KK Hernandez could be on the left. Francie Cortero and Marvin Gonzalez are also options to consider.

But whatever it is, Duran confirms that his name is part of the race. He hit a double and a homer earlier today (the same day Boston officially lost the service of Jackie Bradley Jr.), dropping his average to .500 in ten at-bat appearances.

Yes, the model is very small, but it is important to perform better quickly in training camp when fighting for a position. Duran understood it well Hit two doubles and two homers in five games.

What is surprising about him is that he does not seem to be a puncher. We talk about him as a young man with the ability to communicate with the ball and being very defensive.

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I would also like to use the opportunity to clarify that Duran was designed as the second commander. We talk about him just like we talked about Mookie Bets when the latter was chosen by Boston: he does everything a little, but has no power. I’m not saying he will be the next Bets, but we can always dream of Boston!

In short, in the face of these good shows, one might wonder if he will eventually replace Bradley Jr. in the Red Sox. The system constantly talks a lot about him, and he shows great batting.

Personally, I expect he will not be in the Majors when he plays the first game of the Red Sox season. Will he be called back after a while to check his time? This is a possibility, especially since there are a few elements in Boston that can develop in the field while waiting for his arrival.

Regardless, he is on fire and we need to focus on what will happen to Duran in the coming weeks. Don’t rule out seeing him in the Majors this year, be it a day or so later in the campaign.

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