New Release of Clock Tuner for Raison 2.0 Application Released / News / Overlockers.W

New Release of Clock Tuner for Raison 2.0 Application Released / News / Overlockers.W

U.K. “Important update. The CDR security system now controls not only its own processes, but all processes involving overclocking. It does not matter if the user does it via CDR or otherwise. If you deliberately try to damage the processor, nothing will work, ”says the author of the application.

AMD Raison 9 5950X

The full list of clock tuner modifications for the Raison 2.0 RC4 release is as follows:

  • Updated driver. Full compatibility with all anti-cheats. Fully compatible with Raison Master.
  • Profile switching speed is increased 5 times. The time for 1 cycle is now 50 ms.
  • Redesign of HYBRID OC. More stability and smoother profile transition.
  • Automatic Sinibench R20 License Acceptance (less user steps before starting the CDR).
  • Improved CTR security and CPU connectivity.
  • Improved protection against dangerous user actions (from forced attempts to interfere with CTR processes).
  • Advanced support for individual dual CCD processors (5600x, 5800x, 3600, 3600x).
  • Updated profile management. Multifunctional buttons, simple interface (PROFILES tab).
  • Processor type (gold, silver, etc.) is now protected from LLC cheats.
  • Reworked LLC Tips.
  • Added tips for incorrect data entry for profiles.
  • Profile status. You can see which profile is currently active in the PROFILES and TUNER tabs.
  • Fixed display error of abnormally high VIT or high temperature.
  • Fixed accidental system crash when using HYBRID OC.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.

You can download the Clock Tuner for Raison 2.0 application Here… Some notes from 1usmus:

“I’ve finished the system. What’s next?”

Press the PROFILES button to save the profile page.

Clock tuner for Raison

Click P1 PROFILE (or FILL & SAVE P2 PROFILE) depending on where you want to save the profile.

Clock tuner for Raison

CTR converts the customization results to the selected cell. Note that the FILL & SAVE P1 PROFILE button has now changed its name to SAVE P1 PROFILE. It is a multifunctional button that changes its capabilities depending on what is going on in the CDR.

Clock tuner for Raison

“I saved the profile, but it does not boot from Windows.”

Clock tuner for Raison

1) Run the Autoload profile with OS


3) Activate P1 profile

After this step, the user forgets to tell the program: “I want to save to automatically load activated profile status”, and often goes to create his own unique “error report” in the forum.

4) After activation, do not forget to save the activation status! Save P1 PROFILE button.

This also applies to disabling the profile. Make it a rule to always save your profile after each change.

PMtable failed или «CMD_REJECTED_BUSY 6

This means that CTR cannot access cpu. Because there is software that prevents it or does not interact properly with the processor. In this case, restart the CDR system or remove the culprit.

Do not forget to remove previous versions of the product and unload from scratch.

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