New feature of “WhatsApp” – Lebanese forces official website

New feature of "WhatsApp" - Lebanese forces official website

The “WhatsApp” app is testing a new feature to delete photos directly when leaving the dialog, according to Wabeta Info, which specializes in sending the latest updates to the green app.

According to the screenshots shared by the site, the images will disappear as soon as the recipient opens them and leaves the chat, as the photos you send will be stored until the other party leaves the conversation with the inability to save.

To enable the new feature, you need to select the images from the “Photo Gallery” and when you have selected it, click on the icon that looks like a clock, which will be displayed next to the application “Add Title” bar. You are about to send the missing pictures to a contact.

The new missing photo feature works just like Instagram, the latter allows you to send self-destructive photos. After someone opens a hidden photo or video sent to them on Instagram, the message will not appear in their inbox.

So far, no date has been set for the launch of the new feature.

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