An interview with Little Jesus and Gimina Sariana

An interview with Little Jesus and Gimina Sariana

It doesn’t matter how old you are or if you lean too much towards a particular style of music; It should resonate strongly in your mind 90s pop song, The type that sounds loud on radio and music channels. This decade seems to be far away, but the “buzz” is still there, as well as single Little Jesus Recently launched Jimina Sariana Yes Elsa and Elmer.

The Mexican band and the two singers reunited for the second time a few years ago for the song “TQM” to appear on the album. Wild River Of the group. However, now the collaboration was about to cover its cover “He’s gone”, One of the victories that led Laura Paus Cine Almost 27 years ago.

Little Jesus, Gimina Sariana and Else Elmer. Photo: YouTube Capture

Here We had the opportunity to chat Santiago Casillas L.J.- and Gymna, Tell us a little bit about this episode and the memories that time brings to them and the pop energy of the 90s In his new song.

Laura Paus on the idea of ​​including sugar

Little Jesus They are one of the most popular bands in the current Mexican music scene, and we see them repeatedly presenting new things to the audience. Just as they give up their own stuff, they also have time to flirt With fun blanket go out.

Led team Santiago Casillas A few days ago his edition “He’s gone “, From the original Laura Paus Cine, Nearby Jimina Sariana And Colombian Elsa and Elmer. But it is not accidental. Doing this work was, in fact, born out of a “conspiracy theory” born on the Internet.

Gimina Sariana, Elsa and Elmer and Santiago de Little Jesus. Photo: Court

If you are looking for ‘DQM’ songs written by Little Jesus with Simena Sariana and Elsa Y. Elmer, Laura Pausini seems to have written thisSaid Shanti. So the team decided to adopt the principle of interest in designing new collaborations and return to their old friends. “We called Jim, I calledHe liked the idea because he is a big fan of Laura. “.

Sariana, with all her emotions, does not hide her fascination with the Italian translator, and reveals that she has always been a kind of inspiration, especially for the song album they cover. “It simply came to our notice then. I like it. It was my singing school because I knew this 94 recording and following it, to finish from the beginning. They were the hardest songs to sing because they were the best.

“After a long time, I already had a career and so on. Once she invited me to sing with Arena Ciudad de Mexico. It was like the height of my love for her. I almost cried on stage“Jimina says very excitedly.

90s glamor pop

Those who have had the opportunity to experience full awareness in the 90s know it Hispanic pop music It has provided the world with countless great themes and has elevated many careers. One of them was, of course Laura Paus Cine (Do not do it, its role, you need to know).

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Although it is a romantic pop ballad song, the Italian song has beautiful guitars with occasional twists. And not to mention his writing. “I remember back in the 90s, when I was about five years old, I heard‘ Say Fu ’all the time on the radio. This is a very sexy song, very sexy“, Refers to Santiago.

If we are honest, how many songs do we ignore about this wave of 90s pop artists? The singer of Little Jesus describes this, he says: “I know it even though I don’t listen much. Attention Laura Pausini, I know the song “T P N P”. This is a mega milestone“. Yes, the truth is.

Jimina shares the same feeling, except for the fact that she finds a little difficulty in the tempo of the rhythm when singing, in songs like this classic by Paus Sini. Do you have any rap stuff? Might be a little bit. “They caught you because learning them was a challenge. There were so many lines you wanted to know it all. It gave you incredible satisfaction to sing it from beginning to end … Truth is like a rapHe said jokingly.

Jimina Sariana. Photo:.

Other pop artists to cover

Jimina Sariana Described in Laura Paus Cine Like his “singing school”, but Italian was not his only reference at the time. If we’re talking about 90s pop, name Ricky Martin Should appear without a doubt. “Another album that was there at the time was so important to me, I loved it Half-life Presented by Ricky Martin “Terrible”. I have to say: Latin American music has a place in international entertainment today, mostly thanks to the Puerto Ricans.

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Casillas admits that he knows those 90s milestones automatically – who doesn’t, that’s right. There, the singer recalls another classic in the voice of another Italian from that decade: Neck. “These songs are embedded in a chip in my subconscious mind. There was another Lorian, who sang ‘Laura No Este’. The Italians moved the music of the 90s ”.

Whether it is the song Something from Neck or Ricky Martin, Both of them say that if they come back to another artist from those moments it will be theirs (yes, we know you are already moaning all along “Laura is not here, Laura is gone …”).

Ricky Martin. Photo:.

About his memories of the 90s

Music from other decades helps us Inevitably remember the good old days. Dear readers, you definitely have a special short article that will take you to a particular moment in your life. This feeling of nostalgia is also good Jimina Sariana told him well. For her, buying 90s music and recordings takes her back to the days when it was customary.

“It’s mostly reminiscent of my room. I remember listening to these recordings a lot because my dad loved collecting music too. So when we go Tour records of Plaza AltaVista, We went out in good company with the records he bought me. I had a great set at a young age and remember putting them together. I really enjoyed listening to them from beginning to end, creating stories and dancing, and all of that. For me, in all these recordings, I can’t remember the carpet I had, my toys, my bedroom and the stories I imagined in these songs ”.

Old Tower Records CDMX Photo: Twitter

The composer of Little Jesus does the same, remembering certain events with his family, but especially with childhood friends. “I remember road trips with my family. I remember being in the car and reading these songs.

“I also remember a friend’s mother working at Plaza de Torres He invited us to concerts there. Some belong to radio stations, But I loved going, because all the football kids are going [con los que jugaba] We played in the back of the square. Laura Pausini has always played in these concerts… I only saw her and Enrique Iglesias in the Plaza de Torres, ”he recalled.

Santiago Casillas from Little Jesus. Photo: Osho

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About how they picked up the pachatta for the edition

Version of “He’s gone” Realized by Little Jesus, Jimina Sariana and Elsa and Elmer It has a characteristic sound. From everything we know about each of them it is possible to see one of the favorite rhythms, Pachatta Dominican Republic. Of course, Santiago has to give a touch of modernity to something that he calls the “future pachatta”, which is not bad.

“I didn’t grow up listening to Pachatta, so I found the tool very mysterious and all. When we started making the card, I thought it would be pachatta. I added it there Some touches of the “future”, in my opinion. I like “, Expressed good sanity.

From the single “Say Fu”. Photo. Courtesy

He also comments that he is by no means closed to entering other styles outside of rock, indie music or any other aspect known to Little Jesus. “He can certainly experiment in any way. In the life of Little Jesus, we have all kinds of types … At one time, I wanted to make a “La Magia” sauce, but it’s hard to form a group like this.“, He underlined. This version of one of your most popular salsa songs is very interesting, isn’t it?

There, the singer of “Vidas Parallels” emphasizes how difficult it is to start composing something like this, but she knows someone who can help them. “Salsa is the hardest type to make. It is very technical … The idea is similar to what Juan Pablo Vega calls his “king of Salzero”.“, He says. Shall we watch the band play a good salsa for the dance? We need to see if they boost morale. Until then you can enjoy “He’s gone” Future version of Pachatta with Little Jesus, Jimina Sariana and Elsa and Elmer.

Little Jesus, Jimina Sariana and Elsa and Elmer release Laura Paus Cine Card “Say Fu”!

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