Why did you leave Royalty? Prince Harry reveals Oprah

Why did you leave Royalty?  Prince Harry reveals Oprah

Why did you leave Royalty?  Prince Harry reveals Oprah (Instagram)

Why did you leave Royalty? Reveals Prince Harry Oprah | Instagram

The Prince Harry and Megan Markle Had a very open meeting with Oprah WinfreyThis is one of the most anticipated interviews as the famous couple will share many personal details, including their resignation from Royalty and their real reasons.

Recently, some features of the controversial interview were shared, which will be fully featured on March 7, in which, grandson Queen Isabella II And Felipe de Edinburgh reveals the powerful reasons that led him to say goodbye to his key roles: “I do not want history to come back again”.

T’s youngest son! Funda Dame Diana And this Prince Charles of Wales He shares some of the shocking reasons that led him immediately to the events that led to his mother’s death in 2007.

At one point, The Prince Harry The camera is taken in response to the interviewer’s questions he points out: “My biggest concern is that history repeats itself,” he said, with a serious face expressing surprise from Oprah Winfrey’s response: “They said some beautiful things here, shocking things.”

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Prince Harry was delighted that, in his case, he and his wife could face together what they had gained from this interview, sharing the sixth, next to the throne, aspects of his new life and the reasons they had taken him. From the UK. His mother Princess Diana was widely moved by the feeling created by the life she played as a member of this company.

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In many cases “Village PrincessShe will share her faith with those who have expressed their dream of stepping away from her role as the “future queen” and settling in another country.

Today, Henry de Sussex Glad he realized a dream his mother wanted to realize:

You know I’m so relaxed and happy talking to my wife near me because I could not have imagined that she (her mother) must have gone through this. Before.

The Sussex Ducks Like Princess Diana, they faced public scrutiny, but they turned to each other, the “former senior king” said.

Because it was incredibly hard for both of us, but at least we got to each other and he took his wife’s hand.

Everything indicates that the same theme that CBS aired in 60 minutes will attract followers to the whole theme from the start. But the full conversation will be shown next Sunday, March 7, at prime time on CBS, it appeared.

This is the first time the Duke of Sussex has addressed the issue, separating them from their roles within the crown a year after the controversial announcement, and now they have decided to give the details without any filtering or obstruction, driver. In a moment she turned her gaze to Meghan and questioned her. “Were you quiet or were you silent?”

Last Sunday, when part of that interview was approached by “royal fans”, presenter Oprah Winfrey stepped forward, saying there would not be a strong title not included in that conversation.

Oprah Winfrey, the former Windies actress and heir, was chosen to explore this question and the reasons they led to life today.

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It should be noted that the presenter has a special friendship with the Dukes of Sussex, he was also at their wedding in 2018, and now little Archie’s parents are moving to California, their relationship seems to be close,

In addition to being neighbors, the trio are collaborating on a documentary, which will be released by Apple TV + this spring, and deals with the subject of “mental health”.

It must be said that these links did not affect the celebrities on television or the direct and precise way of questioning the current American couple, which gave him all the freedom to interview them without any “restrictions or restrictions”.

As the discussion progressed in the first few seconds, Oprah warned the audience in a serious tone: “I want to make it clear to everyone that there is no such thing as a border.”

Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth’s grandson, blames them for their departure

From the outset, it has already aroused much interest, especially what the “former representatives of the crown” are now going to say: Is this another reason for the dissatisfaction of members of the British royal family?

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