Brix de Amிக்ric Races Jethref – Brix de Paris. By 2021, I think the trot will be running more than surprisingly loaded.

La photo de Etonnant Quinté+ Pmu Prix d

Comment on Brix de Am அமric Races Below the words of Zeturf – Prix de Paris Richard Westering, The winner’s coach, At a press conference.

Richard Westering : “Even though I knew he would be surprised one day at this level, the horse still surprised me. Before the start, I expected he would run well and finish in the top five.” …. “I was at the top of the Grandstand, and in the last corner I thought we could beat it. So I pushed hard and pushed back.” …. “I have always said that this horse has four lungs. As everyone says, this is a fast horse. True, because it can keep 2100 meters down, but he can do it at 4000 meters too. That’s why I was optimistic. “….” Timoko, Which is tough, but very difficult to compare horses. “….”Amazing There is a beautiful paper with Timoko To the father. His mother, Migraine, Won the BRICS to President de la Republic in a mounted race. “….” This winter I had planned to run it only on Trott, but nothing more than a weather and Trotting coach. In 2021, I think he will run more on the trot than he is loaded on. “….” The rest is the Criterium de Vitissi de la C டிte d’Azur. But it depends. If I have to remove Amazing To place Frisbee D’Am In the front row, I will remove Amazing. Otherwise, I run both if I firmly believe the two are in the front row. My choice between the two, it depends on the number. To Frisbee D’Am, Our mission is abroad. So he has to run well. By putting the hat on him, I think he can do 1609 meters well. I think this is a horseElite Lobet. Unlike when I wanted to run this with him last year, I hope we get invited. “

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