New sand from the Sahara to France as of Monday!

New sand from the Sahara to France as of Monday!

Issued by Gilles MatriconMeteorologist

Cars dirty with sand-filled droplets from the Sahara, the sky with yellow-gray and pollution sensors will detect high particles: for the third time in 3 weeks, sand from the Sahara from France on Monday. Descriptions of this extraordinary event … which has now become commonplace since the beginning of February!

The southeast wind went between a depression and an anticyclone

The cold fall in Provence on Saturday yesterday is expected to advance into the Bay of Biscay on Monday under the British High Pyrenees this Sunday, before rising towards Brittany on Tuesday, while there will be a powerful elevation from Algeria to Germany in central France.

Both of these action centers will float in moderate southeastern winds in the form of oats in Occitania, which will rise and carry from North Africa to France from Monday, with layers under the sandy atmosphere from the Sahara Desert in 3 weeks. This south-southeast wind carries this Sahara dust over the Mediterranean, which reaches France via the Pyrenees.

Thus, from Monday to Wednesday, the southern and western parts will be affected by this sand fall coming from the Sahara. This phenomenon is most visible in Aquitaine and especially in the Pyrenees: in fact, the ice is again covered with an ocher hue, which is precisely linked to the sand deposits coming from the Sahara.

Up to 23 C in the Basque Country

This southeast wind will bring a new episode of mild, less marked than last week. Nevertheless, we still expect 23 ° C in the Basque Country and 20 C in Gironde.

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