DK Metcalfe, an NFL player nicknamed “Baby LeBron” by King, drops a big Jordan-style tank!

DK Metcalfe, an NFL player nicknamed "Baby LeBron" by King, drops a big Jordan-style tank!

Although the identity of the participants in the slam dunk competition two weeks before the All-Star game was not known, there has just been talk of an astonishing player. In general, his thing is American football… yet!

NFL fans in Seattle see Seahawk’s overly wide receiver D.K. Are compelled to know Metcalfe. At age 23, the young man is regularly spoken of for his acting, so he was nicknamed “Baby LeBron”. LeBron James Himself!

With this compliment commenting with very little sympathy for the Mississippi native, he begins to feel the orange ball in his spare time, not just a little.

Internet users were thus surprised to see a tank called “Rock the Cradle” put down Michael Jordan In the 1980s. What we can say from the video below is that it is very clean:

We can not help but think that he can be a “guest” of one of the participants without going as far as he wants to participate in the slam dunk competition like some internet users, and something good will happen from it. Meanwhile, locals and non-locals alike can feast on his interesting NFL power in the following highlights:

From his height of 1 m 93 under the scale and his 104 kg strength, D.K. Metcalfe was created for American football. But there is no doubt: basketball would have been a good end for the Seahawks …

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