Video. Super Rugby. Rob Gurney’s New Life in Australia34

VIDÉO. Super Rugby. La nouvelle vie de Rob Kearney en Australie à 34 ans

Last year, September 29 more precisely, Rob Gurney Together surprised his worldAustralia And this Western Force. Already, it is very rare to observe an Irish man treading on the grass Super Rugby. More generally, we are not accustomed to seeing soldiers from the Old Continent move to the Southern Hemisphere. But above all, we thought he was retired. So this announcement sparked interest. At 34, Rob Carney’s reputation is well established. 95 exams with Clover XV, and a record as long as the hand is there. The back also collected four 6-nation tournaments (2009-2014-2015-2018), and the same number of European trophies with his former club Lenster (2009-2011-2012-2018). It was the day after the Irish club lost in the quarterfinals Saracens He announces his retirement. TheIreland Rugby loses one of its sacred monsters, especially one of the most successful. But just as he was on a pitch, the elusive Rob Gurney took us out of a crowded school structure, and a few days later announced that he had signed on to the Wester Force to participate in Super Rugby Australia. ” ‘I am delighted to join the Western Army and play in such an ambitious club. I look forward to going to Australia and meeting Western Force fans with a strong Irish team“, He said in a press release.

Incredibly, the number 15 therefore allows itself into a final lap. After spending fifteen seasons with Leinster, Gearney traveled to Australia last December to familiarize himself with his new team. Having been isolated when he arrived, he was isolated for two weeks in a hotel room. In Lefikaro’s comments, he describes his arrival and his body preparation, which forced him to change: ”I think I lost a kilo or two in my forties. So I’m going to ask the guys to put the weight back on. When you are forced to modify, you can create sessions very quickly, and it’s amazing how much work you can do in a small room.”. Gearney wants to use his high-level experience to allow ownership to go one step further.

The first successful

It was a clear success. Last Friday, in front of 10,000 spectators, the West Indies hosted the first day of the Australian Super Rugby Prombees Title holders. Despite the defeat (11-27), Rob Gurney proved he had good leftovers, Being safe under high balls, is an area where he excels. Although the opponent could not cross the curtain, he talked about his good play on foot and his supportive qualities. His “banana-kick” in the second half is pretty good. A good performance that does not reduce the frustration of failure. As a top competitor he is Irish via his Instagram account He expressed his disappointment when he was positive : ”Glad to have made his debut in Australian Super Rugby. Not the result we wanted, but I believe there is a bright future ahead of us”.

Now it will be interesting to explore the rest of the Australian Championship and Rob Carney’s performances. The next day, the Western force will be at rest. Rob Carney’s partners will travel to the meadow on March 5th Rewards.

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