Operation Tommy John: Nova Cindergart is making good progress

Operation Tommy John: Nova Cindergart is making good progress

Last year, several leading startups underwent Tommy John type operations. We are talking about Chris Sale, Luis Severino and Nova Cindergart.

Obviously, Severino and Sale’s earnings will be important for the Yankees and the Red Sox as both sides have a chance to win in 2021 as they rely on their big pitchers.

But the case of Noah Cindercard is different. After all, of the three clubs, the Mets have the most depth in the opening cycle. They originally had the best baseball pitcher in Jacob de Chrome, but they were Carlos Carrasco, Marcus Stroman, Taijuan Walker and Thor.

We must not forget the young people pushing, including the great David Peterson who did a good job in 2020.

What this means is that Mets, on paper, have the luxury of waiting for their best jug to return. Apparently, they want to see him again soon, but there’s a little less pressure, so to speak.

That being said, Cindergart is still making good progress. The starter is expected to return in June.

This is according to the New York Post Sports.

Apparently, the man who underwent surgery a year ago impressed its manager Louis Rojas. Felipe Aloe’s son rejoices in the progress of his pitcher.

Noah was a demon.

He has been working very hard and he will return to the game by the scheduled date. [juin] If everything continues.

– Louis Rojas

At this point, the Mets will have a good problem since six pitchers are available. So this will create an internal struggle, which is never bad.

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If there are any injuries, the Mets will have depth.

I don’t know if all the changes will be paid for by the Mets on the pitch. But one thing is for sure: if everyone acts equally, there will be ways for this team to win.

  • The White Socks Versus. The twins will be interesting.

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