Michael David’s Daily: “American Telegraph”

Michael David's Daily: "American Telegraph"

It has long been known that Pierre Elliott Trudeau was willing to do anything to thwart the sovereign agenda he described as a “crime against human history” in a speech to the US Congress in February 1977, three months after his capture. Authority by Party Cubacois (PQ).

In 1970, he did not hesitate to exploit the October crisis, rediscovering a dark conspiracy to establish a “parallel government” and being arrested with little justification, whose only mistake d. ‘Sympathy for freedom must be doubted.

Over the years, RCMP has multiplied illegal activities (robbery, fire, etc.), including the creation of an imaginary FLQ cell and the theft of a list of PQ members documented in detail by the Commission. Forty-four criminal charges were laid against 17 officers and former RCMP officers.

The PQ’s election on November 15, 1976, in Ottawa was considered a disaster and a personal insult to Trudeau Sr., who never stopped sticking to the wheels of the Lewesk government. However, we do not believe he will go so far as to ask companies to change their operations outside of Quebec to increase the unemployment rate.

It is very clear that the secret telegram sent to Washington on December 22, 1976 by Thomas Enders, the US Ambassador to Ottawa, and Radio-Canada were found in documents classified by the US State Department.

“Paul Corp., chairman of the Power Corporation, tells me that Mr Trudeau’s key business partner and Mr Trudeau, the most important French-Canadian entrepreneur, is advising Quebec to ‘make it as hard as possible’, Ambassador Enders wrote. He hopes to leave the company’s corporate structure in the province, while relocating many of its operations and employees to other parts of Canada, investing as much as possible.

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Mr. An experienced diplomat like Enders certainly did not distort the words of his orator. Former Minister Mark Lalont, who has always been quick to release his former boss and friend, believes it is a “misunderstanding in the exchange of information” that Mr. Lallon, who was not yet born in the last rain. The words of the Canadian Prime Minister say that Desmaris may have been misunderstood.

Mr. Knowing the hypocrisy that Trudeau later proved, Mr. One might think that Desmaris, by contrast, understood the message well. Although his companies did not relocate jobs at the time, others such as Sun Life relocated their headquarters to Toronto.

Liberal MPs are queuing up for such changes. Trudeau said there was no “misunderstanding in the exchange of information” but rather deliberate deception. Quebecs did not vote in the 1980 referendum. How can it be imagined that instead of opening the door to greater autonomy, this would be a green light to reduce the powers of the National Assembly?

Jean Bellettier, the former commander-in-chief of Jean-Grutian, sought to justify the infamous sponsorship scheme, saying that the risk of the country collapsing in 1995 was tantamount to a war and must be overcome. It was certainly shocking to see millions of PLC friends illegally pocketed to promote the best country in the world, but this scandal did not compromise the well-being of Quebecs, even if English Canada did. In which is a new expression of their despicable political habits.

Telegraph revelation by Ambassador Enders is beyond villainy. If yes and dominance is one thing that threatens the Quebecs the worst – Ottawa did not hesitate to do so in 1995 and 1980. It is another matter to plan for sabotage that will stifle the Quebec economy.

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In the name of Canadian unity, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was ready to plunge thousands of families into misery. We understand that the son’s office did not want to comment.

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