Cinema, -82% of ticket sales in North America

Cinema, -82% of ticket sales in North America

Govt – 19 epidemic, as everyone knows, has devastating effects on some economic sectors, especially culture. The latest report on movie ticket sales in North America for 2020 makes this clear.

Financial analysis platform Trading reports that by 2020, movie ticket sales in the US and Canada will have fallen by 82% from 2019.

2020, the annual Haripillis for North American cinema

In terms of revenue, theaters grossed $ 2 billion in 2020, the lowest number ever recorded at the box office since 1981 at less than $ 1 billion. Looking at the statistics in more detail, it led to the closure of theaters in North America in eleven weeks, until March 19, when ticket sales reached 1 billion 7 billion. For the following 36 weeks, up to November 26, the turnover shows 2 212 million.

Sony Pictures, President to Box Office 2020

In terms of studios, Sony Pictures is performing very well in 2020. Originally at the North American box office with $ 495.5 million (including $ 206 million per film). Bad boys for life), The Japanese company has $ 429 million and $ 413.6 million more than Universal and Disney / Fox, respectively. Finally, besides, with the prism of pictures Bad boys for life, The other four films alone grossed over 100 million: 1917 (157.9 million), Sonic thorn pig (146.6 million), Jumanji: Next level (124.73 million) and Star Wars: L’Sensation de Skywalker (127.49 million).

Kovit – 19 What about cinema after the epidemic?

This tragic situation of cinemas should definitely be kept in view of the record year recorded by SVOD sites. (See our Netflix news surpassing 200 million subscribers by 2020 and nearly 95 million subscribers for Disney +). It is difficult at the time of this writing to know whether the return to normalcy as theaters reopen awaits the 7th Art. It’s the studios that question the future, rather than the audience’s preference for dark rooms. Some professionals are pessimistic about the issue, such as the director Wonder Woman 1984, Betty Jenkins, thinks studios may abandon or ignore theaters in the future (Is our news cinema really on the verge of destruction?).

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