“We thought ‘Love, Victor’ was a hole where young gay audiences could take refuge.”

"We thought 'Love, Victor' was a hole where young gay audiences could take refuge."

Isaac Abdecker and Elizabeth Berger met fifteen years ago during a writing workshop on college benches in New York. Then they went to Hollywood and made the first scripts (” Not a round Apt remembers the optician) and is now one of the best experts in what is known as family fiction. Generators of the “It’s Us” event, a longtime companion of an American family spanning two generations (and 5 seasons), adapted their novel “Love, Simon” into cinema, a high school student on the outskirts of Atlanta. Available on the Disney + platform’s new addition “Star”, their new series “Love, Victor” is a variation and the official sequel to the film.

Téléobs. – “Love, Victor” is a new kind of cycle: the sequel, the sequel to the movie “Love, Simon”, in which a new character follows in the footsteps of the previous hero

Isaac Updecker. – That’s all. When we got the chance to write a sequel to the film, we thought ” Why not take up issues and face different characters? Basically, telling someone else to come out is a question for inserting into the structure and the codes that the film’s fans have attached themselves to: Creekwood High School, a small suburb of Atlanta, correspondence …

How does Victor find his own identity?

Elizabeth Berger. – He is naturally isolated from Simon by the uniqueness of his family. To define it, we

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