Hailey Arsenov is the second passenger on the ‘All Civilian’ SpaceX mission

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According to a long-standing tradition, American space travel is usually carried out by members of the military. In addition, scientists, engineers or doctors are added as needed. Russia, China and other countries follow a similar tradition.

Of NASA’s first 330 astronauts, more than 200 were members of the military. No spacecraft has ever carried all civilian passengers. SpaceX is going to break that tradition.

By the end of this year, all civilian astronauts will go into space. The second name on that passenger list was Hayley Arsenov.

As part of SpaceX ” Inspiration 4 ‘mission, Arseno will orbit the Earth for five days in a crew dragon capsule, according to technology site Verge.

Team members are selected based on “the four pillars of the campaign, leadership, expectations, generosity and growth”. Here, SpaceX reports that Arsenal have been selected in the ‘expectation’ role.

Arsenal were diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 10. Some of the bones in his legs have been replaced with titanium for treatment. He was treated at St. Jude. He is currently treating children with lymphoma and leukemia at the same hospital.

Arsenal became the first person to travel into space with an artificial limb through this upcoming mission.

If all goes well, the campaign will run by the end of this year. Arsenal will be 29 at the time. He may also be the youngest American citizen to go into space.

However, Kerman Titov still holds the title of the youngest person to fly in space. The Russian astronaut orbited the Earth at the age of 25.

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The team selection process also includes St. Jude sponsorship. If you donate to the organization, you have the opportunity to become a third member of the campaign.

The fourth member of the campaign will be selected through a contest. The competition is sponsored by Exhibition Commander Gerard Isaacman.

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