On Apple TV + “For All Humans”: Joel Kinnaman, an actor with a head in the stars

On Apple TV + "For All Humans": Joel Kinnaman, an actor with a head in the stars

The more it progresses, the more fascinating fiction becomes “for all men”. Currently on the Apple TV + platform since its launch on November 1, 2019, the series revisits the capture of space between historical fiction and science fiction, with the Soviets first setting foot on the moon through alternative reality. The progress and ambitions of the United States and the Soviet Union were all strong, and we left the heroes of Season 1 after establishing the first American moon base in 1974.

Ronald D. The last creation of Moore (“Battlestar Galactica”, “Outlander”) proved its potential in ten episodes of its first season, if it left us with a mixed opinion at its inception. Season 2, its first episode aired online on February 19 (the following is added weekly) begins nine years later, in 1983… and confirms this quality.

Ultra-realistic decorations

On screen, nine years have passed, and some astronauts are now anchored on Earth like Ed Baldwin. Swedish-American comedian Joel Kinnaman (“The Killing”, “Hannah”) plays this man whose son died when the moon was at its base.

“He lived the greatest tragedy for a father,” the 41-year-old actor said. The main reason I wanted to play Ed Baldwin was because he was this role model of the American hero who suffered the ultimate loss. But I had to be patient, because when you find Ed, he’s happier and more calm than he ever was. He gave up dreams of conquering space to be with his loved ones. The pain will come back to the surface, but not necessarily in the way we expected. “

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Season 2 of
Season 2 of “For All Men” began in 1983, nine years after the premiere. / Apple TV +

This character trajectory indicates that Joel Kinnaman has abandoned his heavy astronaut outfit. “I never missed her,” he laughs. She weighs 30kg and is very small to me. I didn’t wear anything so uncomfortable from the robotic costume! (Editor’s note: In the film released in 2014)»

Ed Baldwin, on the other hand, is now in charge of composing various assignments, and the actor continues to enjoy remodeled sets in the studio. “Some spacecraft are built to full size,” he explains. Everything is so realistic and detailed that most of the time you have to keep your feet set to be active and you don’t have to act. ”

Joel Kinnaman was able to “meet real astronauts”

Frustrated that the space program had never really been relaunched, when he was born ten years after the first steps of man on the moon, Joel Kinnaman is curious about this universe again today. “One of the greatest pleasures of this job is being able to meet real astronauts, especially today, because space capture has never been so exciting since the days of the Apollo program.”

As for the historical context of the series, it strikes a personal chord. “My father was an American soldier in Vietnam,” the actor recalled. He left the army and fled to Laos, where he fled for five years before returning to Sweden. So this period of American history is deeply rooted in my family. I have always been very concerned with the political context of the Cold War. “And as Joel Kinnaman prepares to film Season 3, the direction the series will take is” epic. “

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“For All Humans” Trailer, Season 2

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All for all human beings », American Series Ronald D. Moore (2021) Joel Kinnaman, Sonia Wolger… Season 2, 10 episodes (57 minutes). + On Apple TV

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