New report from NASA on life on Mars

New report from NASA on life on Mars

National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASASome world creatures TuesdayHe declared that he could survive temporarily.

NASA And German AirportScientists, 2019‘Gives MARSBOx As part of his experiment Stratified zones Threw out many fungal and bacterial organisms. The second largest layer of the Earth’s atmosphere, the stratosphere, is located above the ozone layer. To the red planet There are very similar conditions. And for this reason TuesdayThis is the perfect place to send samples to see if you can survive.

Microbes exposed to conditions such as Mars

Scientists have published an article about the findings of their experiment, where they describe how black mold spores escaped from travel.

Of course the microbes are only temporary Tuesday It may live on its surface, but the researchers found that the spores could renew after returning home.

Team, MARSBOx (R.Microbes in the atmosphere for testing, survival and biological results in aluminum containers MASE-IM-9 In his report on bacterial cells, Q.He says there are two sample layers within AB. The researchers claim that the effects of radiation can be distinguished from the effects of other environmental conditions, claiming that the bottom is protected from radiation.

Mars mission, astronaut case, virtual gravity

In the test, NASA balloonThe container was moved to the stack zone. Here are examples, Tuesday Exposed to similar conditions and exposed to the sun a thousand times more To ultraviolet radiation Exposed.

Survivor Aspergillus nigerin Reveals what space travel means German Aerospace and Space CenterA team member from Katharina Seams, Says in this case;

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Through long trips with the crew to Mars, we need to learn how human-related microbes survive on the Red Planet, as some of them could pose a health risk to astronauts. In addition, some microorganisms are invaluable for space exploration. “

Seams Tests, such as the MARSBOx mission “An important way to help discover all the effects of space travel on microbial life and how to incorporate that knowledge into amazing space discoveries.” He says.

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