Pope Francis surprises Holocaust survivors with his arrival

Pope Francis surprises Holocaust survivors with his arrival

Rome Italy.

The Pope Francisco This Saturday, a Hebrew poet of Hungarian descent and a survivor of the massacre arrived with surprise. Edith Brock At his home Roma, Announced today Vatican In a note.

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The visit took place at 4:00 pm (GMT at 3:00 pm) as the Pope approached the house Brock Located in the center of the capital and unleashing the amazement of the people walking around the area at the time, they did not hesitate to admire and take photos.

Pope and Brooke talked for an hour about the experience of a writer who survived a Holocaust.

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Matteo Bruni, director of the Holy See Press office, explained in a note that they “have aroused fears and hopes for the time we live in, the value of memory and the role that older people play in passing it on to the younger generation.”

Vatican newspaper “The Osservador Romano” On this occasion he interviewed her in January Memorial Day The pope was impressed by her testimony, so he decided to meet with her this Saturday, Vatican News portal Vatican News reported.

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Director “The Osservador Romano”, Andrea Monta.

In an interview with the Vatican newspaper, Brock He described how he and his parents and siblings were evicted from their home in the rural town where he lived, and how a non-Hebrew man gave him a food cart to help the persecuted Jews.

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He also recalled working in the concentration camp Dachau, Where he had to dig trenches, on one occasion a German soldier threw his lathe to wash, “But deep down there was a little congestion” For him, or a German chef left a comb to put on newly grown hair, moments after realizing her name after her daughter, she says Vatican News.

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