Police in Argentina have killed a thief who tried to steal

Police in Argentina have killed a thief who tried to steal

Officer, in public attire, Blocked by two Thieves As he was undoubtedly walking down a street in the Tiro Soso neighborhood in Rosario (Argentina), The newspaper reported Nation.

However, the culprits They did not expect that person to be a serious police officer. According to the form, the man in uniform opened fire after robbers tried to steal his belongings.Including your mobile phone.

“He was in public attire and made an economic transaction in the city center. At the time of the incident, he was going to do some shopping at a store located in the area,” said Gaston Avila, the case’s attorney.

In the video, captured by security camera and broadcast by local media, I know You can see how the shooting takes place between the robbers and the agent pretending to give the suitcase. In total, 10 shots were recorded.

Infopa, in the same way, One of the robbers was reported dead at the scene and the other was injured He was transferred to a medical center in that city.

Although he was initially arrested, The officer was acquitted and will not be prosecuted as his actions were under proper protection. In addition, Adrian Forney, President Police De Rosario promised to be decorated at an interior ceremony next August, Completed the news portal.

Police in Argentina have killed a thief who tried to steal

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