Regina is producing and starring in the biography of King Shirley Shisholm – about the film

Regina King est prête à produire et à jouer dans le biopic de Shirley Chisholm - Tout savoir sur le film

The Regina King, Academy Award, Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Award are now back in the filming world. Regina was a full-time actress. He has directed television shows such as This Is S, Corruption and Insecurity; And his first film, One Night in Miami.

This time, he gets his hands on the preparation as well. The film is also being produced by the participant. Sources confirmed that Regina will be producing and starring in the biography of Shirley Shisholm. It took Regina almost a decade to get the green light for the film.

The Cinematography film She focuses on the topic of Shirley Unforgettable Presidential campaign ‘a To emphasize, On the wings Representation From one First Revolutionary politics Pioneers In our time. ‘

Who is Shirley Shisholm?

Shirley, born November 30, 1924, in Brooklyn, New York, was the first African-American woman. He ran as a Democratic presidential candidate in 1972 and became the second African American in the New York State Legislature.

She is the co-founder of the National Women’s Political Coalition Meeting In 1971 and 1977 Should be Primary Darkness Girl And Moment Girl Never serve Ability Housing Rules Committee. That year, she Used Arthur Hardwick Jr., New York State member of legislative Assemby.

How does King feel about working with John Again?

Regina is producing and starring in the biography of King Shirley Shisholm - about the film

Regina King will not only produce the film, but will also star in the biography. Shirley Composition And Integrated Written by John Ridley, he won an Oscar Adjusted Best Movie Screenplay 2014 12 YearsEars A slave. He also served Regina On TV Arranged American crime.

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King said in an interview: “Shirley Sishol’s fearless determination has been an inspiration to many of us and we hope this film will inspire many generations to come.

Commenting on his work with Director John Ridley, he said, “Re-collaborating with my friend and mentor John Ridley and a group of participants makes this decade-long journey even more enjoyable.
The shooting is ready To start Then This year.

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