NASA has released more photos from Mars. For example, they catch a trolley parked on the ropes before landing in the world

Washington The robot analyst of the diligence of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which successfully landed on Mars on Thursday, is correct, according to other data. This follows from Friday’s presentation on the Mars 2020 rover mission, during which NASA released other photos of the landing from the red planet.

NASA has released photos taken on Mars.
NASA has released photos taken on Mars.

One of the photos shows the vehicle parked on the ropes just before landing. According to the project’s chief engineer Adam Steltzner, the rover was taken from this block when it was two meters above the planet’s surface.

Among other things, experts from the US space agency showed a picture of the fall of perseverance on a parachute. It acquired the NASA MRO (Mars Reconstruction Orbiter) satellite, which has been orbiting Mars since March 2006.

Pauline Juan, a representative of the panel of experts involved in the diligence program, said they had already received numerous pictures from diligence, but were of low quality. Other experts are expecting this weekend, while many high-quality photos are likely to arrive as early as Monday, he said.

According to Adam Steldsner, the science team also expects the first audio recordings to be made during the landing of perseverance on Sunday or Monday. “If all goes well, we hope to know anytime over the weekend if we win. We can get the record by the weekend or early next week,” he said.

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Diligence is fitted with two microphones. They need to record the sound of the landing rover for further study. It is also planned to explore the piercing sound of rock and sediment samples on the surface of Mars, from which conclusions can be drawn about the hardness of the material. In addition, experts hope that the analysis of sound recordings will provide new data about the atmosphere of Mars.

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