Martinique women Eugene Palsi and Maunia rejoin the American newspaper Ubiquist

Martinique women Eugene Palsi and Maunia rejoin the American newspaper Ubiquist

Director, screenwriter and producer Yushan Palsi is the guest editor

He has directed the film Case-Nagre Street, And received recognition for his work. Born in Corn Morne, director, screenwriter and producer Yushan Palsi is the first guest editor of Ubiquist magazine. He contributes to an issue of the talents of this two-year-old American journal that seeks to celebrate the diversity of perspective from an artistic and social perspective.

Director, screenwriter and producer Yushan Palsi © Ubiquist Magazine

This international and independent publication really inspires global perspectives and combines influence and emerging talents from all cultural disciplines: fashion, beauty, music, film, design, photography, interpretation and reporting.

When art and function come together

In the context of the global epidemic, Ubiquist Magazine’s eleventh magazine brings together a wide range of enthusiasts, fashion, cinema, fine arts and music world personalities. In long, documented interviews, speakers testify to their career paths and art practices and contribute to the analysis of the current global context.

Among them, Martinique artist Maunia Orosman, the pioneer representing black women in hot code, returned to her journey and her inspirations.

Activist Asa Troy, or iconic Angela Davis, is also part of this interesting selection.

The iconic Angela Davis © Ubiquist Magazine

Cultural diversity and turbulent global climate

Citing the urgency of a turbulent political environment in the wake of a global epidemic that is increasingly dividing the United States through police abuse of black people, the Black Lives Matter movement is still demanding equal rights:

We not only contribute to the conversation, but we also feel a responsibility and obligation to initiate an in-depth analysis of it. The attractive paradox of art is the ability to warn when serving while escaping

French Model Emmanuel Lago © Ubiquist Magazine

This is why Professor Angela Davis and actor Kendrick Sampson in particular question non-cooperation and open a debate tomorrow about the United States. Eugene Palsi, costume designer Ruth Carter and Nigerian filmmaker Andrew Dosunmu discuss the dangers of their travels. Artist Cody Maddox condemns formal racism in big cities.

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Dictoc © Raising star Anger Amol found on Facebook

Rising star engineer of fashion shows Amol Diktock opens up about his role, which prompted him to press covers.

Other names included: Art Comes First, Assa Troy, Baron Valerie Amos, Gianni Lee, Matthew Pitton, Danny Leone, Sean Waltrus or Rainbow Plant Records.

So a magazine that combines harsh testimonies to remind everyone that everyone’s experiences are important. This issue, which was published last January, Available for sale on the Internet. It is even possible to choose the coverage you want to get.

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