Dozens of streets, including Abe Road, are registering for auction

Clou de la vente, le panneau de la célèbre rue où se trouvait le studio d’enregistrement des Beatles pourrait dépasser les 5000 livres sterling (5750 euros). (Photo CARL DE SOUZA / AFP)

The highlight of the sale is the famous street where the Beatles’ recording studio is located, which could cross பவு 5,000 (, 5,750), said Catherine South, head of sales.

« Who knows ? The sky is the limit “, He explains before the auction about something he describes.” King of panels .

Lots of other notable, We can find it here, Prince Gate running through Hyde Park or Savoy Place near the Thames in the West End District.

Pimligo Road, famous for its antique and designer furniture stores, Westbourne Park Road at Notting Hill Carnival Road and Belgrave Place in the upper Belgravia district promise some of the most popular places.

Westminster City Council, which covers most of the heart of London at the start of the sale, is committed to ensuring that its fruits are reinvested in the service of citizens.

Bugs and graffiti

The design of the landmarks, the street name in black and the postcode in red, was created in 1967 by architect and designer Misha Black. Its use, protected by intellectual property laws, is prohibited anywhere else in the country. In the world.

« This collection offers a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into the history of our city “, Said Melvin Kaplan, deputy mayor, in a press release announcing the sale.” These are the original signs that have come to the streets of London in recent years and seen historical moments and culturally significant milestones. »

Some of them have typographical errors, while others have graffiti that marks an era.

“Iconic” panels

According to Catherine Southend, most places are priced at 80 80 (92 euros), but with interest “ Astronomy Created by collecting for quick auctions.

« People have the idea of ​​buying a street sign inside their home ”, He added. ” They are simply iconic, this black, this red, this is something we associate with London .

« At a time like this, when many of us are locked out of London, we forget the signs, sounds and smells of the city. It’s wonderful to have something like this to remember it all , She underlined.

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