Joy, hope, and enthusiasm for the beginning of the first preaching congregation in Latin America

Joy, hope, and enthusiasm for the beginning of the first preaching congregation in Latin America

From here, in Aparecida, we gladly begin this journey toward the first preaching congregation, which will be celebrated throughout the year. A specific and original journey, during which we will reflect and lead the meetings together, which will allow us to understand, in light of the wealth that V’s Aperacida document brings us.e General Conference (1), New Challenges We Face. A journey that leads in unity, God’s people, nuns, religious, saints, laity, men and women, priests, deacons, bishops; All professions in different bodies, Episcopal conferences and other organizations of the Church.

“We are all outgoing missionary disciples”

For this journey we are undertaking, we have adopted a goal of “all of us outgoing missionary disciples”. Baptism is a goal that reminds us that we are part of the life of the Christian community.

The world in the symbol of the preaching church, a world in motion, from which our continent is thankful for its biodiversity from a great wealth. Pierre’s boat is a world where it finds its way. We are all in the same boat, Pope Francis tells us; Together we cross the seas and head towards the distant horizon, marked by this star in the presence and company of the Virgin Mary.

The first assembly of Latin American and Caribbean churches will be held in Mexico. The epidemic has sparked creativity within the Church. For this reason, this Congregation will mark an important step in the way we conduct our meetings in Latin America and the Caribbean. We will achieve it with great joy, great hope, and enthusiasm; We urge you to participate.

A hybrid assembly

This assembly can be held in mixed or mixed form. In other words, some people in Mexico City will be face to face. In addition, by the grace of God, we will have alternative locations in Silam, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

We want to involve the whole of Latin America and the Caribbean Church so that it can participate in a virtual way at conferences in Mexico and at events held at each alternative location. This assembly.

Amidst the epidemic awakening creativity in the Church, a tremendous effort has been made to communicate at the church, diocesan and continental levels. Therefore, we will begin our work with a webpage specifically designed for this preaching meeting for all continental communication devices, including Latin America and the Caribbean, social networks and the Church, i.e. multiple exchange channels.

Three parts of the product

In this path, we will prepare three sections, spiritual, listening and meeting. Spirituality is because Jesus is at the center of our lives, and He teaches us the new commandment, that is, to love God above all else, and our neighbor as ourselves. The Holy Spirit speaks to the hearts of all His family and to all believers. A time to rejoice, to converse, and to discover these new challenges together.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Latin American and Caribbean Church Assembly to be held in Mexico in November 2021. We entrust you to the Lady of St. Guadeloupe, the Patron of America. We are all outgoing missionary disciples!

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