JJ Watt will seriously consider signing with Browns | Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

JJ Watt will seriously consider signing with Browns |  Touchdown Act (NFL Act)

When JJ Watt was cut off by the Texans, quitting playing with his brother in Pittsburgh was soon one of the options mentioned. But the two will eventually be able to face each other twice a year.

Because according to Cleveland.com, Browns will be in a good position to recover JJ Watt. The Cleveland owner will have many things to look for three times that year. Two major deals: a contract worthy of its value and the chance to reach the Super Bowl.

Qualified for the last playoffs, in which they spent even one round, topping the Browns table. As for the money, they have. 21.7 million is available on the payroll. Couple Wats Cleveland defense with Miles Garrett and Denzel Ward will be even more interesting.

Money is important

Financial data is the most important information. It seems that Watt is not ready to take the minimum to go for a topic. According to Cleveland.com, he could expect to find something similar to the 5 17.5 million he began earning in the final year of his contract with Houston.

Steelers, in fact, have a higher salary limit. Like bakers. The Titans, Bills and Bears are on top of the hat at the moment.

So the future of the number 99 is far from over.

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