Devin Booker makes the powder talk

Devin Booker makes the powder talk

Devin Booker on fire!

Devin Booker is back, Luca Doncik is always strong, Jason Todd and Boston are in trouble, Andre Drummond applauds. We present to you our five biggest and five misfortunes of the week.

Top Five: Devin Booker’s Visit!

Back: Devin Booker (Phoenix Sons)

Used to sign boxes in previous seasons, Devin Booker was more discreet at the start of the season. He seemed to want collective results for private shows. Proof, he only crossed 30 points twice this season. In excellent form, he has crossed this bar three times in a row this week. 32 points average, more than 55% wins overall, including two wins against Eastern Conference leaders Milwaukee and Philadelphia! Devin Booker wanted to remember that the fourth was the face of this right, surprisingly at the Western Conference.

Back: Damien Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers)

Slightly less talented Damien Lillard than Devin Booker managed one more perfect week! With an average of 30 points and four wins, including a home game against Luca Doncic (34 points and 11 assists), the Portland captain was even stronger this week. In the absence of McCollum or Nurkik, he carries blazers on his back. It is arguable that intoxicants of choice runs the taste in Portland, having won seven of his last ten games Fifth place in the Western Conference is important.

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Back / Interior: Luca Tansik (Dallas Mavericks)

Luca Danzig is more of a leader than an insider, but it’s hard not to include him on our team for the week! Career record against the Pelicans (46 points), three times against Atlanta, the Slovenian genius finished the week with 36 points, 8.25 rebounds and 9 averages. Sometimes alone, Luca Doncic struggles to bring his team back into the top eight. With three wins in four games this week, the Dallas team is gradually recovering, but showing a negative record (13-15).

Interior: Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat)

Miami returns to the forefront! Thanks to the even stronger Jimmy Butler, the heat at the Eastern Conference goes to ninth place. At an average of almost three-doubles, he signed on two big shows, beating Houston (27 points and a three-doubles) and New York (26 points). Against Utah, he struggled with just 15 points. This is unfortunately high for all the teams in the league at the moment!

Pivot: Jonas Valencianas (Memphis Chryslice)

As always, the Lithuanian lead double-doubled the week with 21.5 points and an average of 14 restarts. His biggest match with 27 points and 20 rebounds despite losing in Toronto is particularly noteworthy. While not everything is perfect yet at Memphis, his return has been making Chris Lice better, winning two of their four games this week. Currently ninth (several games late), Memphis will need Jonas Valencianas at this level to believe in the playoffs.

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Devin Booker in the top five

Five tragedies: Jason Todd and Boston in trouble

Back: Jamal Murray (Denver Nuggets)

Denver won three of four games this week and Jamal Murray finished the week well with two games over 20 points. But the start of the week showed he was still struggling with his shooting. An 11-point game (23% win) against the Bucks before the 8-point game, where he only took six shots! Denver, currently ranked seventh in the Western Conference, needs a more consistent and capable leader to move into the top 4 in this conference!

Back: Ricky Rubio (Minnesota Timberwolves)

Ricky Rubio is 30 years old, but this season already looks like one for the Spanish point guard. On a Minnesota team without ambition, Ricky Rubio goes into games like a ghost. In four games, he has only crossed ten points once (16 points against Toronto), which translates to the Wolves’ only win this week. With Angelo Russell out, Minnesota need a point guard, who scores over three baskets per game!

The attention-grabbing Drummond and Todd

Interior: Jason Todd (Boston Celtics)

The Celtics and Todd lived a very complicated week with two defeats against Detroit and Washington, two tons of the Eastern Conference. If he was better at a loss against Detroit (33 points), Jason Todd against Washington could only function with 6 points from 14 shots! In general, the Celtics player is very awkward at this point. He finished the week with a 35% shooting success and three defeats in four games. The Celtics have recorded 13 wins for 13 defeats, which is far from their ambitions.

Interior: P.J. Tucker (Houston rockets)

P.J. Tucker does not appear to be a scorer and his role is defensive. But in four games, including two games at zero points, his attacking contribution was almost zero. This was not enough for a team that lost Christian Wood to injury and lost its last five games! Another issue is that Houston have conceded nearly 120 points per game this week. Even with self-defense, we are far from the mark!

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Pivot: Andre Drummond (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Andre Drummond started the week with a classic double-double. He then continued with two tasteless performances (ten points and ten reps) that saw his playing time drastically reduced. He finished the holiday the week before Cleveland did not decide to part with it This is predictable with the arrival of Jared Allen, but Andre Drummond will not even finish the season in Cleveland. Caves has now won eight straight losses, and Drummond no longer appears to be the man for the job.

Photo credit: Barry Cosage / NBA

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