Brad Pitt was seriously injured during the filming of Se7en!

Brad Pitt was seriously injured during the filming of Se7en!

During the filming of the popular movie “Se7en”, Brad Pitt accidentally cut his tendon. The situation then had to change it!


Published in France January 31, 1996, Se7en Then it will appear as one of the biggest boxes in cinema. However, lead actor Brad Pitt had to change the script at the last minute due to a serious injury. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

As you know, Brad Pitt dominated the screens in the early 90s Main roles in many films.

Among them, Thelma and Louise Published in 1991, or Interview with a vampire Aired in 1994. His talent and beauty made him quick The most loved man in Hollywood.

In 1995, he was given a new exceptional role Se7en, With the myth of life Morgan Freeman. Yes, you asked!

If this film had seduced people so quickly, very few people would have known that actor Serious injury during shooting. He cut the tendon! Oops.

The writers had to improve then Thus modifying the whole situation Brad Pitt’s injury. Incredible, isn’t it?

According to Entertainment weekly, So the main boat joined the nearby hospital Three days after the start of shooting.

MCE TV tells you more!

Brad Pitt was seriously injured during the filming of Se7en!

Se7en: Should the film win over Brad Pitt’s injury?

In Se7en, So Brad Pitt plays the role Detective David Mills. For his part, Morgan Freeman plays his teammate William Somerset. The first enters the profession, the second emerges with a successful career.

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The two then search for a killer with at least a certain criterion … his murders are similar 7 Deadly sins : Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, anger and laziness.

We understand the title of the film very well! But there is one thing that the public does not really know The truth of the shootings.

In fact, with his injury, Brad Pitt has been greatly affected The scene that many consider a true masterpiece.

“He was filming a chase scene on ‘Se7en”s LA set, When he slipped on the hood of a car in the rain, Crashed into the glass and severed a ligament in his arm, The magazine explains Entertainment Weekly. The accident required an emergency room visit and several stitches. “

Therefore, the rest of the film was thus staged A new detective, but especially hand injury. Fortunately, the injury of the most famous American actor does not require new acting.

We may even wonder if the latter is not for something The success of the filmNothing seems to stop the actor!