A cyborg has attacked French companies and institutions

L'Anssi n'indique pas l'origine de l'attaque, mais la méthode utilisée est généralement attribuée au renseignement militaire russe.

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Airbus, Air France, EDF, Orange, Total மொத்தம் Many large French companies use this software, which allows them to monitor applications and computer networks. The same is true of the French Ministry of Justice. On Monday, a report by the National Information Systems Security Organization (ANCI) warned of computer hacking. ” Affects many French companies Software via French Software Centrion.

« This campaign mainly affected information technology service providers including web hosting 2, explains Ansi. However, this cyberattack may prompt the exposure of customer data from the providers in question. ” Significant Leverage », A cyber security expert from consulting firm Wavestone Jerome Phillois commented to AFP. It is clear that only time will allow us to measure the true magnitude of this cyberotox.

« The first compromises identified by the Ansi date lasted from the end of 2017 until 2020 “, Note Document . The attack lasted for almost three years. ” Many similarities with previous campaigns of the Sandworm operating systemIt is known for conducting extensive reconciliation campaigns and then targeting the most strategic victims among the victims “This method is generally attributed to Russian military intelligence. The report does not blame Russia for limiting the technical expertise of the Ansi attacks.

Cyber ​​attack is difficult to assess

The duration of the attack instructs the attackers ” Very sensible, known for its logic of data and information theft », Arcus Jerome Billois.

For its part, Centrion ” This evening, at the time of the release of the report, it took into account the information published by ANSSI, which may be concerned with facts that began in 2017 or even in 2015. “And put” Every attempt is made to take an accurate measure of the technical information contained in this publication .

The latest prototype in the United States

The manifestation of this attack echoes a cyber attack that hit US federal organizations and the largest international corporations last year. Again, the size of the prank is not established, but Microsoft or the business and treasury sectors are affected. In particular, hackers were able to infiltrate computer networks and internal emails.

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This prank happened with an update to monitor software developed by Texas company Solar Winds, and is used by tens of thousands of businesses and governments around the world. Here again, Russia is isolated. ” Rural areas [démontrait] High level of operational knowledge and sustainable resources with government-provided cast “, Underscored the firefighting security team that discovered the attack.

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