Watch the spectacular video of Mars taken by the Chinese spacecraft –

Watch the spectacular video of Mars taken by the Chinese spacecraft -

Updated 15.2.

Shortly after reaching the orbit of Mars, China released a spectacular video produced by its robot probe Tianwen-1.

Images taken by board cameras are so detailed that they can see not only the individual craters on the surface, but also the thin atmosphere of the red planet:

If all goes well, foreign media have reported that the rover will attempt to land on Mars in May.

Chinese robot probe Tianwen-1 (“Heavenly Questions”) has successfully reached Mars after a 202-day journey through space. According to reports, this happened yesterday morning.

As part of this ambitious mission, an orbiter, lander and rover set sail for the red planet, which will try to explore its surface in a few months. These facilities weigh a total of about 5 tons.

It is noteworthy that the orbit of Mars was an orbit launched by the United Arab Emirates one day before reaching Hope.

The Tianwen-1 mission will take a relatively short time (compared to how long it took to produce). According to the server Spacenews The orbit is a Mars year – about 687 Earth days – and the rover is expected to run for only 90 Earth days.

Among other things, Chinese researchers will try to find ice deposits on the surface and below it. “We would like to use a radar system to measure the structure of the surface of Mars, especially due to buried water ice.” he said One of them is SpaceNews.

This knowledge will be very useful for the colonists who will one day need water.

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Cover: Steve Jurvetson, CC BY 2.0

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