Santiago Solari is implementing a new technology to improve this America

Santiago Solari is implementing a new technology to improve this America

The arrival of Santiago Solari to the American Eagles marked a significant change in the United States, not only because the second era in which Miguel Herrera was in charge of the team was behind him, but also in the way he worked. The Argentine coach is very different from what they used in Latin American football.

Experience in managing entirely European school and Real Madrid, Santiago is more accustomed to working with the key strengths of the Solari teams, which is why he is implementing his method in the United States, but now with the first team.

It was so much loved by the Eagles players that they not only teach Solari as a coach, but also teach a man who sees them as a teacher a lot in the tactical aspect, it was clear Emanuel Aguilera, who promised to surprise them with amazing choices in the Azulgrama coaching training.

“He asks us questions, not in person, but in general, sometimes a teacher, even a faculty professor. A tactical question, if I pressed here, is where the other team’s midfielder should be, because it focuses on us because you can be anywhere if you are not in the conversation. , Then he will ask you questions and you will not answer those questions.In the group, as is often the case at school, there are those who sit down and respond to everything and go back without answering for fear that others will do wrong, but having back and forth conversations or arguing about tactics are not things.

– Emanuel Aguilera

In this way, the coach not only cares about the team’s football, but also wants to understand the tactical systems so that they develop mental skills on the field, which many players do not have.

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