Latin America. Maneuvers in Ecuador against rightism

Latin America.  Maneuvers in Ecuador against rightism

Quito (Ecuador), Special Correspondent.

The name of the candidate facing the progressive Andres Aras in the second round of the April 11 presidential election continues to be manipulated and prosecuted in Ecuador. On Friday, a meeting was held under the auspices of the National Electoral Council and observers of the Organization of American States – with its false data on the 2019 election plot against President Evo Morales in Bolivia – at the CNE headquarters in Quito, between the candidates running for second place: banker Guillermo Laszlo, serious Yaku Perez, a representative of the conservative right, and an environmental activist supported by some sections of the domestic movement.

Neck and neck, both reached an agreement to reconsider 100% of the ballots in KwaZulu-Natal and 50% of the votes in the other 24 provinces out of 24 in the country. Without a fixed deadline, the function can be dragged out.

As for the other candidates, starting from Andres Aras, they were not invited to this “Private Meeting”, Both contestants competed well before accepting an idea: only unquestioned candidacy is possible “Do the right thing in the second round”, In the words of Yaku Perez to bury “The dictatorial model that deceived and divided the people of Ecuador”, In the words of Guillermo Lasso.

A contract with the right to “illegal” and “incompatible”

The manifestation of a political pact between the right-wing and the Green Party, the party that comes as a result of the domestic movement with the candidacy of an environmental activist? “I am first and foremost interested in ensuring complete and complete transparency in the electoral process. We are presented as being at the forefront of the political spectrum. But we are much closer than analysts say. We can see the general situation.” Nominated the candidate on the right.

These talks do not suit the tastes of everyone within the aboriginal movement, and are already divided on the choice of candidate. “Consensus” Simulated by Yaku Perez. There will be a government contract with the right “Illegal” And Not applicable Along with the aspirations of the native base, he warned Leonidas Issa, one of the leaders of the influential coalition of the Ecuadorian Indigenous National Alliance (Conai) and a key figure in the October 2019 uprising against austerity. “Wherever we come from, we fight against the looted neo-liberal right. He told us. This electoral situation is the result of the accumulation of social and environmental struggles led by the indigenous movement and the people’s sector over the past decade. We call for the protection of the popular vote, but not for the neglect of our plan for society, but for our political autonomy. “

Everything is good to block the left

While negotiating on CNE, Ecuador’s Attorney General Diana Salazar received the visit of her Colombian representative, Francisco Barbosa, under the surveillance eye of cameras. “Information collected by Andres Felipe Vanagas, or Urial System”, A Colombian ELN guerrilla commander was shot dead in October 2020. In the run-up to the election, a Bogota newspaper accused Aras of receiving $ 80,000 from him to fund his campaign, which even the most staunch Corist considers to be contradictory. But what do the facts matter? In Quito, it is better to take all the items to prevent turning left.

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