Fortnight creates a new shortcut with Disney’s Tron movie!

Fortnight creates a new shortcut with Disney's Tron movie!

To the delight of the players, the world famous Disney movie “Tron” is coming to Fort Knight with skins and accessories!


The most popular American studio has released the incredible announcement of the epic game … Tron, Disney’s cult science fiction movie, Land with lots of skins and accessories at Fortnight! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Released in July 2017, Fortnight then appears to be the main symbol of the Battle Royale genre. Created by epic games, The game constantly attracts players.

I have to say that there are a lot of ideas in the development studio. For more than 3 years now, He is constantly innovating and rediscovering His little gem.

If the shooting game is always successful, that’s because you never get bored! Every week, New challenges Thus providing for millions of players.

But that’s not all! Fortnight too A real Shortcut engine. And after the 5th season is no exception to the rule Marvel, Avengers And Star Wars, Tron Introduced with great fanfare!

Yes, you heard it. The world of the most popular science fiction movie is coming into play Lots of skins and accessories.

A surprise, that is! It seems that nothing can stop American developers. MCE TV tells you more …

Fortnight creates a new shortcut with Disney's Tron movie!

The universe Tron Lands in Fortnight!

One thing is for sure, epic games know how to make the mouths of millions of Fortnight players. They never seem to be disappointed American Studio !

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“In the‘ tron ​​’system, humans are connected to the grid, within a vast digital world Can you read the teaser? Now it’s your turn. Put on your jumpsuit, become a stage fighter and embark on a new adventure on the island! “

It wants you! “Join the hunt with the transmission sets now available at the grocery store. There are so many decorative choices available to you, though Encryption, Firewall, Proxy, Megabyte, Exchange, Sequence, Interface, Connection, Encryption Or bandwidth, with a custom headset. ” That’s it!

And to the delight of fans of the 1982 film, Famous lumicycle motorcycle Available! Hunting down his enemies with class.

With Fortnight, epic games do not end with amazing players. The most popular development studio does not want to stop there … there are still some nice surprises in the game!

On the side of history Tron, The public is still waiting for news 30 Opus. Announced many years ago, it has yet to see daylight.

Many more are calling for it. I have to say that the first 2 pictures send a lot heavier! So we are waiting for new information.

The case to follow!